Raw profile Olympus E-P5

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Raw profile Olympus E-P5

Hi all,

I tried my best to build a new raw tone curve using the tutorial for Olympus E-P5 camera. It comes out with a weird magenta cast. I tried as well to update dcraw, same. Use of Olympus E-M5 profile induces the same colour cast on E-P5 images, although on E-M5 images it works well. I don' t how to go further. Thanks in advance. I'm on a Mac OSX 10.8.4


It's dcraw, not the Raw Tone Curve

Dave Coffin hasn't yet added support for the E-P5 into dcraw, so LightZone can't properly decode those files. LightZone's Raw-file processing depends on dcraw, which in turn depends on Adobe's DNG converter. The result is a considerable delay in getting Raw-file support out. Here's where things are in the pipeline:

  • DNG 7.3 (Dec 13 version): dcraw 9.17. Now shipping in LightZone 4.0.0.
  • DNG 7.4 (Apr 3 version): dcraw 9.19. To be shipped in next LightZone update.
  • DNG 8.1 (Jun 10 version): dcraw not yet available.
  • DNG 8.2 release candidate (Jul 31): dcraw won't be available until after final release.

I'm surprised at how long it's taken Dave Coffin to get the dcraw version based on DNG 8.1 out. Usually it takes him a couple of weeks. It's now been two months. The E-P5 was supported in DNG 8.1, so it should be in the next release of dcraw.

Oly E-P5 support

Thanks Doug, quite clear, so we just have to wait a little while.