Problems reported on LightZone Project facebook page:

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Problems reported on LightZone Project facebook page:

From the Lightzone Project faebook page I received this reports:


Jarred Davidson‎Lightzone Project
Ayer a las 7:50 ·

Hi, I am excited about the prospect of using your software, but I can't get access to your website. I am based in Taiwan, and when I try go to your site a "Forbidden!" window pops up. Are folk in Taiwan not allowed to download your program for some reason?


Kaarlo Martikainen same problem from Finland. I can't access your site.Ver traducción
Me gusta · 12 h


Kaarlo Martikainen trace route example:
14 166 ms 166 ms 173 ms []
15 172 ms 174 ms 174 ms ace-data-centers-inc.10gigabitethernet1-4.core1. []
16 175 ms 171 ms 176 ms []
17 * * * Request timed out.
18 * * * Request timed out.
19 * * * Request timed out.


light zone crashing

hi (newbie here)

when i try to edit a photo, it appears cut in half (half is the correct photo the other half shows strange colours) and most times when i try something the program just crashes.

i'm using linux mint 12.04 (ubuntu)

I already tried removing it and installing the 13.04 version but it does the same.


any help, tip, advice?


I have the same problem. My

I have the same problem. My raw files (not always, but many times) are "squared off", making LightZone unusable. The same file opened in UFraw is normal. Any suggestion?


Hmmm, not sure...

what the resolution of this was---problem from 2 years ago.  Haven't had any reports since.  As always, though, we need more info from you: OS, machine details, file details, & etc.

As Tex said,

provide the info and, I would add, a sample image. You can also find some old threads, like this rather long one. And see, what happens, if you switch to Crop mode and reset; perhaps also unlocking (if necessary) and manually setting the aspect ratio.


Be well!

Probably there's matter in

Probably there's matter in the Crop/rotate tag of the RAW Tone curve for your camera.

Did this matter occurs only in the same orientation (eg always for Portrait orientation picture or always for Landscape ones) ?


Appart this; I don't understand why you use a two years old topic which speak about Taiwanese user who could not connect to the lightzone website ? ;)