Preference Folder location

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Preference Folder location

I have a fairly simple question. I am trying to figure out where are the LZ preferences saved. I mean, which folder, location on hard drive, etc.

Does anyone know offhand, the answer to this question for Windows and Mac?


On Windows,

they seem to be written to the registry, look at


This key gets deleted, when one resets the settings.

Templates and the log are in Documents\LightZone, Caches are in AppData\Roaming\LightZone.




Thanks for your response! I appreciate it.

This to me seems like a dangerous practise - writing into the registry.

Is there a way to consolidate all settings into a more standard locations? For example, can the following be done?

Write everything to AppData\Roaming\LightZone:
Templates in AppData\Roaming\LightZone\Templates;
Logs in AppData\Roaming\LightZone\Logs
Preferences in AppData\Roaming\LightZone\Preferences

I see, what you mean,

but this is actually a question for the developers.

On Ubuntu, I found the settings under


in multiple prefs.xml files in different subdirectories.

Templates are in


Caches in



You are right of course. I

You are right of course. I was hoping that the developers read this forum as well. I'll post on github.

Thanks again,

It might take some time,

our overwhelmed main developer reads both the forum and github. As far as I know, his time is very limited currently, but he always emerges, when he can. Posting on github is preferred, I suppose.