Possibile own DCraw Parameters

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Possibile own DCraw Parameters

Hi Forumisti

Is it possible to make own Parameter working with the build in DCraw converter in LZ?
When ist possible how i can do this?

Reason is : I want try different things with RAF (Fuji RAW - Files).

Thank you for answering.

who loves to use LZ.

Sorry for mistakes i´m not generic English speaking .

Not sure what you mean...

It is possible to create your own raw profile, and the are instructions on how to do it, plus a Youtube video.  See the link under "RAW Profiling Center", last box in the left hand sidebar.  It is not hard to do.

Configuring DCRaw differently is another matter entirely.  You would have to get DCRaw separately and work on it outside of LightZone.  I don't know how that is done.

DCRaw outside ok.

Hi Tex.


Ok. it´s not the answer i hoped to get, but ok it is the way to do. 


Thank you for the answer.


I'm not sure

whether I understand you correctly, would you like to run LZ with additional dcraw_lz parameters/options?

(Not that I know, if it's possible, but it could be interesting. I suppose Doug, Masahiro or some other wise person could answer this.)


- Mart

You are!

Hi Mart,

this is the point. Because of the other pattern at Fuji´s X-Trans sensor i would test different parameters in develop the RAF to an visible picture. Raw-tone-curve is an other thing.

It would be glad of somebody who knows about this thing to answer either the answer is not what i hope to hear.



You can use "dcraw_lz"

You can use "dcraw_lz" (faster version of dcraw, included in LightZone) in a command line terminal. The dcraw_lz accepts any options that normal dcraw does. There are manuals in English and other languages on official dcraw website:




If what you want to do is to change the options using LightZone GUI, sorry, it is not possible.



Thanks. That is it!

Hello Masahiro.


Thank you for this answer. This is the solution that is sufficient for me. It is only used in rare cases. 



Works fine !

Again thank you.

It Works fine.

I have to learn use the parameters. Of course not for each File. The most(99%) are developed direct in LZ very well.



As a Fuji X user too, I'm

As a Fuji X user too, I'm interrested if you could explain which kind of matter you encounter to need use external DCRaw and which workflow do you adopt in this case (working in on a Tiff file generated by DCRaw manually in LZ or something else ?)

The reason why

Hi  Photonoxx.


In seldom cases when my exposure ist to right i will try to get better Highlight recovering without CA´s with adopted parameters . I develop to tiff and open it by LZ is the way i want to try. So you see i´m at the start of making it this way.