Please let us have your comments and ideas

Posting rules: It shouldn't need saying, but... play nice. Please keep your discussions civil. You can disagree, just don't be disagreeable. And, of course, all of the usual stuff like no spamming. Tex adds: I'll be rigorously enforcing this as we go along. We're probably going to be a small community in a little lifeboat, so we can't have members at each others' throats. This is for the sake of the project as a whole. So when you post, pretend you're speaking in person with your very wealthy auntie who has always treated you wonderfully and currently lists you prominently in her will. I won't be tossing anyone out of the forums because we are all in this together (except spammers: immediate membership cancelation), but I'll delete suspect posts right away.

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Please let us have your comments and ideas

We are happy to receive constructive criticism about this website and how to make it better. As I stated in the welcome area, what you see now is our best compromise of something that looks ok and has immediate functionality that we could roll out fast. It will eventually have more features, and I am awaiting word from a friend of mine who is a Drupal developer on assistance. Anyone with Drupal experience is particularly encouraged to get in touch with me directly (we're running Drupal 7). We are especially interested in theme massaging, gallery and media options, and other ideas to make the site more powerful. Thanks!


Get rid of the dark grey background

It is very difficult to read black on dark gray. If this is a user setting, where is it?

any better?

Right now, I don't think there's a way for end users to set stuff for themselves. But how's this? Don't want to go back to the LZ forums original white on dark because there were complaints back then that that also was too hard on the eyes.

Much better, but the top

Much better, but the top level is still too dark.

"top level"

Do you mean the top levels of the individual forums? If so, that's a trickier fix. So far we haven't found a way to modify the forums w/o doing a global mod. It's probably possible, just not obvious to us, and me especially. The difficulty with doing a global mod is that then I have to start changing a bunch of stuff, each change necessitating another. That's not to say I won't do intention is to eventually, in the coming months, have this baby looking really professional for us.

After this holiday week I'll be sitting down with a Drupal expert here in Baltimore, and he'll be taking a look at things and starting to offer some advice. He'll also start to advise me on a personal Drupal training schedule (I'm hiring him for all this). So in the weeks ahead look for more changes, and keep the crits coming, because we know they are needed.

BTW, Bob, apropos of something else entirely: you and I in parallel were working on defining the zones of the Zonemapper by LAB and RGB values (Reto was working separately on this as well). Still got your notes?

really? do you have a good

really? do you have a good calibrated monitor for your photography works? Im working on my bad HP notebook and on my EIZO screen in the studio as well and never had that problem with lightzone =)

Donald Ingram
site appearance

I agree. I have old eyes, and I can barely make out text. If you go with the dark grey, maybe white text will show better. Still, a small issue that doesn't diminish the thrill I feel with the birth of this site. I'm sure good things are on the horizon.


First of all, many many

First of all, many many congratulations to you guys for getting this far with the development of both the forum and Lightzombie itself. I cannot think of any other commercial software that has a following loyal enough to keep it alive after the developers have given up on it. So this is a real testament to many people but particularly to Tex and Doug who I think deserve enormous thanks for what they've done.

But Tex you did ask for comments so I'll add to those above and say that the black on grey is a little wearing on these tired old eyes and I'd go with the suggestion to maybe try white on a darker grey to give it more of a Lightzone feel to it.


Well, there are 5 models I can think of

First, for us there is , the longstanding and excellent French website run by Sebastien Abric which I hope he will agree to allow us to become a sister site. then there is Jacek Gozdz's own site from before he drifted away from LZ. He started getting interested in creating his own photo algorithms, for one thing. Uuuuuhhhh, and he also got married. Ahem, no comment ;-} . He also created the LZ Wiki which is still out there, and which I will update and coordinate with this site eventually. Then there's the LZ Flickr site, which we should all visit and join and post something to for stimulus sake. So that's four for us before Github and LightZombie.
But there's another interesting example, and that's the RSE/RSP users' site which now looks inactive, but was for RawShooter the equivalent of what this site is for LZ. The big differences are that Adobe bought Rawshooter, and gave all the Pro purchasers a free copy of LightRoom in an unprecedented, for Adobe, gesture of generosity, and then the second big difference is that the raw profile project headed up by Doug promises to keep LZ going a lot further into the future. My earnest hope is that by keeping LZ useful, and this community alive and growing, we will see it move into a full open source project with new development in areas beyond the raw profiles.

Starting a new post ?

I am not much used to the way forums work - I would like to add a post which may be of interest to Doug relating to the eSellerate issue posted on Flickr: Lighzone Discuss re eSellerate software not installed. I thought to do this under LightZone usage : Questions but find I am not allowed to post new content in this forum.
How do I set about it, please?


New topic enabled now

Oops. We didn't have "start new topic" authorized for board members. I've fixed that, so now you should have a "New Topic" button at the top of each board. I think for that topic, Kris, the General Discussion board would be a good spot.

No wonder nobody'd started any new discussions!

how do i get lightzone to work on my mac

pls help -- i feel i am close. i tried downloading from the site -- via Wayback Machine -- -all i got was page of graffix.


Some issues with the website


I surfed to your website for the 1st time in my life but I think I might already have some valuable remarks.

First of all, I heard about this project from a friend, found the website in google and browsed to it. Below is how your site looks from my viewpoint (with all the necessary details included) :

Either the address you are accessing this site from has been banned for previous malicious behavior or the action you attempted is considered to be hostile to the proper functioning of this system.

The detected reason(s) you were blocked are:

Your IP, and Domain Name (if resolvable) has been logged to a local honeypot, along with the referring page (if any), QUERY, POST, User Agent, time of access, and date. Please either 1. Stop the bad behavior, or 2. Cease accessing this system.

Your connection details:
Record #: 12222
Time: Fri, 04 Jan 2013 21:02:40 -0700
Running: 0.4.10a1
Stripped Query:
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:17.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/17.0
Reconstructed URL: http:// /

I am a private customer of Beeline, the biggest Russian ISP, and my IP belongs to its pool for home users. You seem to filter out few million people from viewing your website (depending on the range of IPs you're filtering).

Well, I ssh'ed to my office workstation and set up a proxy there and was able to see the real contents of the site. I wanted to report the issue in the hope that it wasn't the intention to filter out users based on Geography (what I am in that very hope is doing). For this I needed to register with the website, providing my e-mail address. No problem, I've tried to. I specified my email address at the biggest free email service in Russia: * The result was that your server complained that the email address is invalid. Strange, but OK: I specified an email address on the mail server I am owning and administering myself. The same: your email address is invalid. Well, but e-mail address in the domain happeded to be OK.

I am not really sure if this is a misconfiguration or a well-thought intent to block Russians from using your website. If the former, please find some time to correct this issue.

Alexander Bezrukov,

So sorry Alexander!

No, we are definitely NOT trying to filter out people by geography! In fact just this morning I was talking to my wife (and have been thinking for some time) that it would be great to offer LighZone in other languages and non-Roman character sets.

So thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I will email Doug Pardee right now and see why our filters are doing this. Please bear with us and welcome to the LightZone Project!




Welcome to The LightZone Project. Sorry for the problems you're having. Our site is under continual attack by spammers, mostly from China and (unfortunately) Russia. You've run into two of the fences we've instituted to try to keep the spammers out.

RBN is the (ahem) Russian Business Network, known in the US as "the Russian Mafia." RBN is one of the most active spammers and site-hackers in the world. Your ISP is one that is reportedly used for those nefarious activities, and one of the spam-blocking services that we use immediately blocks any requests from those ISPs.

The ".ru" email address is our own block, put in during the early days of the spam onslaught. At the time, about 1/3 of the spam registrations used .ru email addresses. Today, other anti-spam measures have reduced spam registrations with .ru email addresses to almost nothing, so I've removed that block. These days, most spam registrations are gmail addresses, and blocking that would be impractical. :-)

If your IP address is constant, or stays in a fairly small range, I'll be glad to add it (or them) to our "white-list" so that you can get in without a proxy. If that won't work for you, I'll look into the history of and see if we're comfortable with unblocking it.

Again, welcome to the LightZone Project.

Mac Download link

The link to download the Mac version (Click Here) does not work. The Windows version link works fine.

If you read that box

If you read that box carefully, you'll note that it's a link to an archival version.  We do not recommend you use it anyway, although up to this point the Mac link was "ok", as we say, for those who are beta-averse.  But the beta has proved very stable, with almost no issues at all.  Would you like the beta to be sent to you? (We are trying to move the Mac into Alpha, but August is a big vacation month, and we wanted to go alpha and release the newest version simultaneously.  The holdup is a problem in the Windows build now)

If you are talking about the beta, however, please give me more details! I'll need to get that fixed.

I'm using Firefox 23.0.1 and

I'm using Firefox 23.0.1 and find in the forums that the font size on the page keeps resetting to "something too big" - is there any way having chosen a reasonable display size by about 4 clicks of the "-" button at the top of the page that the setting can be remembered between pages as at present it resets to the default on every page load.

Thank you

I use the same browser.  No

I use the same browser.  No issues.  I think therefore the problem is on your end.

mmmm - I can't see what

mmmm - I can't see what option within Firefox could be responsible - I'll have a dig around for a while ....


Just tried it in Chrome & it behaves exactly the same - 1'st page, reduce the font size, select another page - font size has reverted to the default - Curiouser and curiouser said Alice .......

Hang on---describe this

Hang on---describe this problem again, please.  Are you saying you are changing the font size on a page ON OUR PAGE using the controls in the banner, and that then when you move from that page the change isn't sticky?

Why is the font size too big for you in the first place? Are you using a small tablet or your phone?  On my phone i have to increase the size of the site to see it properly.  Mostly i access the site from my home desktop or a desktop I can access at work---doing admin with my phone is possible but a PITA.

Hi Tex - thanks for the reply

Hi Tex - thanks for the reply.

I've now got a considerable egg on my face as I find that my "default font size" in Firefox was set to 16 point - reducing that to 12 solves the problem for me!!

However, it doesn't answer the question as to why, if the font sized is changed using the control on the page, the setting does not remain "sticky" between page loads - but I wouldn't bust a gut over it - sorry if I've lead you on a wild goose chase.

Webcoding aid

Hi, I've studied some webcoding and design... and I had some (very little) experience with drupal. But I learn very fast.

Actually I have to say, that I don't like those cms at all, because they have far too much code, and are often slow, and.... I would give you some help with the site running it on drupal, then I would suggest to change the engine to something else (ownCloud?), where we/you could include external sites.

A complete rewrite from scratch in php and whatever is not a suggestion right now, because of the workload, but O'm sure after some months we will do much-much better then just drupal.

Dave Lahn
New guy here and thank you

well after recieving my approval and getting the software (lightroom) into my system it sure does have alot of (awesome items) so now i will watch the videos on the tube .
have watched several already and learning but this is an amazing program and all the videos have taught me so much already much to learn,but i will get there thanks to everybody who has put this together for us users.
very much appreciated

Sticky Forum

Some threads are most valuable and would benfit new users (and old perhaps) that they should be stickied at the top of the forum, or some other logical location.  Some candidates for example might be:








In addition to this suggestion, another thread discussed the idea that we could subscribe to a thread to receive emails when new post are added.  I like this idea.  If this is not feasible then possibly adding a feature in our "My Account" location of all our posting that we contributed.



As someone who just arrived

As someone who just arrived here, I agree-- those threads are very helpful, and I like this suggestion.  It would be a great feature and would supplement the tutorials nicely. 

Website comments

Hey Tex,


Much appreciative of your efforts with LZ, awesome code!


Any chance of getting rid of the chunk of text at the top of containing the information about registering? Maybe include the text behind a link titled "You must register before downloading". Every page on this site requires that you scroll down a bit and it's really unprofessional looking.


For some reason, I can't post new topics and I've got a bug I'd like to discuss. Is this becuase I'm a new user to the forums?


Cheers dude!

ISP blocked

Great program and very helpful website.  However, my ISP at home is blocked by the server so I cannot search for help when I need it.

I'm based in Taiwan and the ISP I use is probably the biggest one here.  I needed to use a VPN to register and download the program.  Which, needless to say, wasn't a hassel-free experience.

Beta 10 for windows

Hi. I am using the Beta 10 for windows because I need support for a Canon Powershot S120.  When selecting an image folder the thumbnails are very very slow to display and sometimes are not color processed correctly. Opening an image produces the correct result.

When using the previously installed released version the thumbnails were quick to display but the opened HR image does not have the correct color/toning. Some meta data can also be read.

I think it is possible the way my Beta version is installed that the thumbnails are being generated from the HR image when I believe they are in the raw file..

Can anybody help please?




Hi Graham,

Hi Graham,


The S and G series Canons have been displaying somewhat pink thumbnails for some time now although the problem seems to have progressed to an ever stronger pink over the past year or two. Some of the other cameras - 600D for ecample - can tend towards a soft pink area where on the limits of over exposure although in my experience two seemingly identical exposures can end up with one pinkish and the other not.


Edited files look OK though.


I have no explanation for it. I see the same sort of problems with my S95 and G11. As the edited files are mostly OK I have come to ignore it.


I presume that there is something strange going on when reading the extracted jpg thumbnail from the RAW file or simply reading jpg files in certain conditions. The changes I have seen seemed to come about with revised versions of dcraw coming into use but I have no technical knowledge about why that should be the case. My observations are also just that - not a forensic analysis.








canon raw displays

Thanks for this Grant. The problem is actually getting worse. Some, but not all the images have barrel distortion and show this in the thumbnail and the opened image. The thumb nail is vey pink/magenta but the opened image is color correct but still distorted. This only happens on some images, often shot inside in dim conditions - others are fine. They all display correctly in the Canon DPP program. I have gone as far as getting the image from the camera again into a different folder but the problem still exists.

I think it must be dcraw not reading some tags correctly and I am not sure where that program comes from.


Incidentally I am new to this and not sure where to make these postings. Have you any advice?







What you are missing is lens correction for the distortion. LZ, in its current form, was conceived way back before the camera manufacturers went into the pocket size arena with RAW files for people to play with. Whatever limitations they had with the physics of lens design (and there are many when you go small) theyt fixed in software. In camera in the case of jpg files along with the rest of the processing the jpgs receive.


LZ, absent any softwasre driven lens correction for distortion or anything else that they might have allowed the lens designers to ignore, is going to be challenged at that point.


I think you will find that the pocket cameras are given little or no correction at the "longer" end of their zoom range (so it seems for the Canon units I have) as the distortion can be well controlled. At the shorter end it is more difficult - think in terms of fish eye and wide angle on an SLR - it's almost impossible and prohibitively expensive to try. When you see the correction (compare the same image in LZ with its jpg if you shoot both or with the DPP output if not) you will see what I am saying.


Nothing much you can do except use DPP to give you a TIFF file (almost as good as a RAW file usually, but bigger) and then process that in LZ. DPP is very likely also doing some exposure adjustments as part of its lens stuff but may also be applying other settings in camera that LZ does not know about or attempt to deal with. Not sure. My S95 is less featured than your later model in many respects.


Or process in LZ and then take the resulting file to another program for whatever you still need of distortion correction for the image. If you have cropped it much you may not need a lot of "fixing" for an acceptable result. Only you can make that judgement of course.


The situation may change in the future but that may depend on finding a suitable open source source of decent lens correction information that can be integrated with the application ... and some resources committed to undertake the work.







lens correction

Hi Grant


Thanks for the input. I did a test shoooting some vertical edges at different zoom settings and sure enough the wider the angle (less zoom) the more distorted the edges.  Have tried making Tiff 16 bit in DPP but LZ often says it does not recognize format/camera. I have also made Tiffs in Adobe lightroom and these seem to work in LZ. I can now compare the editing capabilities of LZ and Adobe and DPP!


Hi Graham,

Hi Graham,


Interesting. I assume DPP must be doing something different with the TIFF files - there are variations allowed in the specification.


My S95 seems to be pretty much non-distorting from about midway through the zoom range. The nominal 35mm equivalent being 28-105mm iirc that would make it somewhere around 60 to 70 mm equivalent.


Have fun with the comparisons. I can't comment on them as I don't use LR or DPP but I would be interested in the results of your comparisons.









The comparisons will take a litle while but I have been looking more at the lens distortion issue.

The Canon S120 does do some correction of the lens distortion both in the camera and in DPP. It also crops the image. Some distortion is still visible at the edges but I only noticed it because I was looking for it. Adobe also do the correction and cropping and so they must be doing the same processing as Canon.

I will post my next mail on a more appropriate forum next time





New Topic for Newbie


I've been trying to start a new topic but I keep getting an error  saying try again later.  Do I need to have a minimum post count or something?

I can't create new topics

I'm adding a comment to this thread only because I'm not able to create a new topic anywhere in the LightZone forum.

When I try all I get is:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

Can anyone explain to me why?

Re: I can't create new topics

Give it a try now. There was a bug in the web site software and I just applied a patch for it.




I just created a topic in General discussion.

I didn't get an error but I can't see the topic.

Will it just take some time for the topic to be published?



Unpublished post

I don't know what's happening, but the site software somehow decided to start running a rule automatically marking posts from new members as needing moderation. I've disabled that rule, and I've published that post for you.