Picture Window Pro

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Picture Window Pro

Picture Window Pro developed since 1993 by Jonathon Sachs, the developer of the old Excel competitor Lotus 123 has stopped development and released the last version 7, dated July 2016 as freeware.  see Downloads at http://www.dl-c.com/. The manual can also be downloaded and the site will remain for 3 years so that past help in the message board will be able to be accessed.

Picture Window Pro has

Raw converter with highlight recovery & noise reduction

Color management and 16/48 bit color support

Advanced sharpening

Lens falloff, distortion and aberration corrections

HDR image stacking

Masking and compositing

Zone transformations for independent adjustment of tonality ranges

Batch workflow for automating operations

Sidecar files store/replay editing operations

Support for print proofing profiles

Layout, multi-page photo albums, tile printing

Scanner and Camera ICC Profiling Tool

Frame and Mat Designer

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