Picture size after editing

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Picture size after editing



i am new to Lightzone,and i edited some Raw pictures, but, after saving it and register in view nx, the size is really reduced( 1000 or 500).How can i save the picture to the original size?

Thanks a lot !!

By default,

the size of LZN files, that contain the editing information, is "Fit within 1024 x 1024 px". These files are meant to be sidecar files with a small preview picture. You can change this behaviour in Preferences - Save - Resize to.

In any case, you can get full-sized (or any other size) jpeg or tiff files using the Convert feature; just select your LZN files and convert/export them.

There has been some discussion about this long-time approach, but this is how it works.

It is explained in Help, Saving your work and Converting images.

I hope this helps, be well,


- Mart


Thaks a lot Jacal for your

Thanks a lot Jacal for your response!

Thanks Jacal!

Thanks Jacal!

Re Sizing

I have read the information on resizing a photo but it seems that all the functions are locked to one another.  If increase one number the other changes to stay in proportion.  I need to vary that for a website that has very specific guidelines as to the size of the image.  Thanks in advance for the help.


Use the resie mode tool



In the Modes barline (at the top of LZ barline in editing mode) is a tool consisting of the point and select, cropping, and rotate tools. In cropping mode you can put the borders in any postion as long it is a straight line. Finish your edit. Then convert the picture (from the file menu) and you are done.


Have a nice day