Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition

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Hieronymus Bosch
Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition

onOne software seems to be doing a promotion of their Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition, and it is available for free download here:

I'm writing this on the 5th of May 2014 and have no idea how long this offer will be available.

It's for PC/Mac. I've downloaded and run it on Win 64, and it works very well for me. A huge set of filters and effects. Like most such packages, most of it is rather uninteresting, but there are a few that are very useful because they would a lot of work to do "manually" in your normal photo editor. Runs as a standalone or as a PS plug-in.

Well worth a look. The price, certainly, is right.

Now Perfect Effects 9 Premium Edition (through March 2, 2015)

For the next day or so, OnOne's Perfect Effects 9 Premium is free:

Includes a few film presets, but it's really about a much wider range of filtering effects. Personally, I find it all a bit daunting. Aside from the build-it-yourself tools (25 different filter tools, along with 377 suggested starting settings among them), PE9 Premium comes with 205 official presets plus 127 unofficial presets that you can start with.

I also find Perfect Effects to be rather demanding of computer resources, and frequently slow to respond. At least on Windows 8.1. It's not even available for 32-bit Windows.

Still, it's free. If you're a True Colors kind of person, Perfect Effects won't be of any interest. But if you (at least occasionally) like adding some atmosphere to your images, it's certainly worth a look.

Hi Doug,

Hi Doug,


Good to see you active here once again.


FWIW I agree with your comments above and would add the the 64bit constraint is shortly to apply to Lightroom as well as I inderstand.


The link provided seems to be an alternative to the Free "Effects" program available from the On1 (new name) web site. Except for the "Premium" part which On1 only seem to use in connection with their not free Suite of all products. (That said the Suite has been on offer at pretty good price for those who like that sort of thing. Ended 27th Feb but still showing on the site just now.)


I thought I would mention this just in case there was any confusion  - or maybe thre is and I am missing the point of the link!


All the best,





Perfect Effects 9 Premium Edition

Also available (FREE EDITION) directly on their own website at

The specs for required kit are at the bottom of this page; yes only for 64 bit systems.

Not clear what the differences are but manuals for both are under their Support section if anyone is interested and missed the SharewareOnSale offer.



Free vs Premium and v8 vs v9

It's only hearsay, but someone on DPReview said that the free version 9 looked to be identical to the free version 8. And that the Premium version 9 contained a ton of additional filters and presets. My immediate impression is that the Premium version contains many more filters (25 vs. 9), including some that handle fundamental things like tonal control, color control, and sharpening.

The web site indicates that the free version 9 adds "Smart Photos" (non-destructive editing with the editing stack saved in a PSD), an updated Perfect Brush (edge-sensitive brush), and the Quick Mask tool (edge-sensitive area selection). Also the ability to print directly from PerfectEffects, and the Live Previews and Quick Browser to help you select which effects you want.

Perfect Effects 9 Premium

The premium version is also currently available on this link:

Here it is available again

SharewareOnSale, version 9.5 Premium