Password only works once

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Password only works once

Every time I visit I have to reset my password to re-enter.  Is there a problem with Chrome?  





It's the first we've heard of

It's the first we've heard of it.  Keep me posted on this please.  If you continue to have this problem, i'll work it out with you together.  I can set a password for you and you can try that.

Password only works once (just happened again)

hi tex,


just happened again...

please advise.




ario arioldi
I have the same (recurring)

I have the same (recurring) problem, and I use Safari.

log in

Also have similar problem , I'm old licence LightZone user and happy to see that LightZone will continuing to live but also have problem with "User,Pasword" recognition, every now and than when come to see what is new "Log in"

 procedure don't accept my registered user name and password , forgotten pasword do not work also(no mails come as promissed) only request for new password process work.

No big deal,but ..?

Good luck in further development(dreaming that someone will finally decode Sigma Merrill X3F, that one would be hero, but it's seems that's Bowie was right-"No more heroes any more")



Password only works once

Hi Guys

Unfortunately it is happenning on Firefox 23.0.1 under win 7, I have to request a new password every time one is requested

I had forgotten this thread!!

I had forgotten this thread!!!!  So sorry.  Will look into it tonight/tomorrow.  Maybe have to give you all new passwords.  But I am also running FF 23.0.1 and Win 7....

Password only works once

Hi Guys

It seems to have cleared on my machines now. Might well have been for me at least a glitch. Will report if it comes back again.

Sorry to have bothered you.


pasword resets

I keep having to send for aa password reset. Firefox,windows 7,64bit.

Don't know what the problem

Don't know what the problem here is.  Reported previously by another 3 people i think.  I'm using the same browser, no issues, and obviously no issues for all but you several.  I'll do a manual reset later (late this afternoon or tonight) for you, so look for the email.


Before you try again, be sure you clear everything you can, cache, history, etc

Sorry to be a "Me too"

I, too, am having difficulty logging in with my password, and have to request a new one each time I visit. Here's my environment:

Windows 7

Firefox 24.0


I'm using a 20-character gobbledygook password generated by LastPass

It fails both when I use LastPass to log me in, and also when I cut-and-paste to login "manually".