Panasonic Lumix G6 Tone Curve

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Panasonic Lumix G6 Tone Curve

Done a Tone Curve for the LUMIX G6:

<Template version="8">
  <Scale Factor="0.3469093"/>
  <Image path=""/>
    <ZoneOperation Active="true" Collapsed="true" Locked="true" Mode="Normal" Name="RAW Tone Curve" Opacity="100" layerControlsIndex="0" regionsInverted="false" scale="0">
      <ColorSelection HueBlue="0.5" HueEnabled="true" HueGreen="0.5" HueRadius="-1.0" HueRed="0.5" Inverted="false" LuminosityEnabled="true" LuminosityLower="0.0" LuminosityLowerFeather="0.0" LuminosityUpper="1.0" LuminosityUpperFeather="0.0"/>
      <Points Size="16">
        <Point X="8" Y="0.5663716814159292"/>
        <Point X="9" Y="0.6769911504424779"/>
        <Point X="10" Y="0.7035398230088495"/>
        <Point X="12" Y="0.827433628318584"/>
        <Point X="13" Y="0.8805309734513275"/>
        <Point X="14" Y="0.9646017699115044"/>
        <Point X="15" Y="1.0"/>
      <UpperLeft X="0.0" Y="0.0"/>
      <UpperRight X="4614.0" Y="0.0"/>
      <LowerLeft X="0.0" Y="3462.0"/>
      <LowerRight X="4614.0" Y="3462.0"/>



Have a go, have a tweak.