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Does anybody find the orange text a little difficult to read on the white background, or is it just my eyes?


Yes, it is!! I select with

Yes, it is!! I select with mouse for reading.


Oh good, so it's not just my eyes. :)

Just wait a while---I keep

Just wait a while---I keep promising the site will get better, and has a tiny bit.  The orange is a holdover from Lightcrafts days, but we'll see how the new site (theme was purchased months ago) goes.  We may lose it, but I'd like to try to keep some of LightZone' livery on the site.  The second version used all the dark grey, but we got so many complaints about reading light letters on a dark background i had to change it to a lighter form.  Then that looked gloomy, and i tried a couple of other things, including a wild Yule red and green for a holiday season.  The new site's livery will be pretty cool, i think---the theme is very sexy.  But that's needed to be put on hold while i dealt with a lot of things, personal life and LightZone -wise.  I am hoping after the new year now to implement changes (some of it I have to pay for, because it involves skills I don't yet have but will learn as we build it).

If payments need to be made,

If payments need to be made, perhaps the new web site could also feature a donation button? I'd gladly chip in. Having said that, I think the web site is fine as it is, and the LightZone community seems vibrant enough, so I would even more happily donate towards development of LightZone the program.