Option to hide/move around the small panning window

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Option to hide/move around the small panning window



Sometimes the small panning window makes it difficult to define an area at the lower right hand corner, because it floats on top of the image. You cannot define a corner point of an area under the panning window, but in many cases it would be natural to have one corner point on/just outside the bottom right hand corner.


It would be nice if you could hide or move around the panning window one function key.



I agree,

this behaviour becomes very obvious and rather annoying, when it happens. If not too complicated to apply, changing this would be, I think, a nice improvement.

- Mart

Better than that, IMHO, would

Better than that, IMHO, would be the already asked functionnality to allow panning outside the strict image area. It would be really usefull to define area which has control points far outside the image area, to allow some parts of the feathering area to be outside of the picture in case of large feathering areas.


Actually, the sole way to define area with control points outside the image area is to Zoom out to have lot of empty space around the image, but it would be better to have the ability, for exeample, to bring the bottom left corner of an image in the top right corner of the working space (or even outside of the working space, why not ?).