olympus epm1 rtc

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olympus epm1 rtc

Great program for an old person used to zone system in a darkroom but creating a rtc for the oly epm1 is beyond my technical ability

when time permits this rtc would be appreciated. all i can do to help is ,mention the program on any forums i belong to

Doug Pardee has been working

Doug Pardee has been working on new RTC's. EPM-1 is on that list. I'm awaiting a clarification from him about a couple of tech details, and should hear back in a few hours (he's GMT-8:00, I'm -5:00. We have to play the zones here at the LightZone Project, with the Dev Team in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia).
If I had to guess, this RTC and a group of others will be on the next maintenance release, a V4.1 or V4.0.1, depending on how we decide to number it. Date for that?,,Could be pretty soon. The wrinkle is that we may be dependent on a dcraw update, and the Dev Team has not yet put the latest dcraw into V4.0 yet, citing stability concerns at the dcraw end.

Thanks for quick reply. Look

Thanks for quick reply. Look likes there is plenty of activity on the program at present

E-PM1 Raw Tone Curve

Hi aussieg,

You can download a Raw Tone Curve for the E-PM1 from here: https://github.com/Doug-Pardee/LightZone/blob/master/lightcrafts/resourc...

Note that the filename comes down as just "OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. E-PM1.lzt", but you'll need to file this in your LightZone/Templates folder as "CameraDefault;OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. E-PM1.lzt".

Thanks. It works perfectly

Thanks. It works perfectly lightening brightening the image that the default zone produced.

The link does not work when i

The link does not work when i was setting up lightzone on a 2nd computer but the RTC is included in this list. Scroll down till you find it


and the actual file is