norton blocks intallation

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norton blocks intallation

Why does Norton Security keep blocking installation saying heuristic virus trojan?

Also wanted to attach screenshot but attach media browse button says "not authorized access to this page".

This is a false positive,

it happens often with different "exotic", open-source, free, beta and similar programs. I have an impression, that Norton is one of the worst in this regard. Make the installer (and the installed program, if necessary) an exception. The "heuristic" part of the message means, that Norton is simply guessing. Making it suspicious "just in case", so to say.

If you have downloaded the installer from the original source, there is nothing malicious in it. You can report a false positive to Norton, but I wouldn't expect a quick response. You can check the installer with virustotal, to be sure. You can consider uninstalling the Norton thing and replace it with something less intrusive.