Nikon NEF raw files

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Nikon NEF raw files

HI all of you,
I have used  LZN as a trial several years ago and I have liked it. Lightzone project has given to me a chance to come back. However the nef raw files I  have tried to edit  from my NIKON D90 are not readable!, The s/w pompts "Urecognized image format - unsupported camera

Have I made something wrong?

Sounds like an old version or a file format issue.

If you open LZ and click on Help and then "About LightZone" which version does the information window report?







I have tested both 4.0.0

I have tested both 4.0.0 (860b0ba) and 4.1.0 (a20375b). The os is win 7 pro at 64 bits, the cpu is AMD FX(tm) 4100 Quad-core, the local language is greek. 

Does the (full) path of the

Does the (full) path of the file you're trying to open contain non-ASCII characters by any chance? I've had a similar issue with D7000 images that were stored under "Andalucía" (note the accented 'i'). Got the exact same error in the GUI. Stacktrace in the console mentioned "FileNotFound" if I remember correctly. Renaming that directory to "Andalucia" fixed it.

All this under OpenSuSE 13.1 64-bit btw.

The full path name contains

The full path name contains greek letters, which I dont intend to replace, otherwise the programme does not support greek language.  Nevertheless I run on windows 7 pro.

Thank you for the comment.

Yes, you are wright!  Then

Yes, you are wright!  Then greek letters make the problem.  I believe it will be addressed soon. I wish I could help for