Nikon D5500, RAW tone curve adds grey discolouring

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Nikon D5500, RAW tone curve adds grey discolouring


I'm new at photography, and therefore new at handling RAW files.
After some reseach I choose LZ, which is great, but i have some trouble understanding the RAW tone curve.
I have a Nikon D5500, using NEF files. 
When i want to edit a file, the preset RAW tone curve make the photo light greyish at best, and at worst, it creates extensive grey discolouring on some parts of the photo.
I have to delete the RAW tone curve, which makes the photo darker, but usable when edited.

I guess theres a purpose with the RAW tone curve, so my question is, if there is a solution/ fix to the RAW tone curve problem i get, or if i just have to delete the preset settings.

I have not been able to find any information about this in the tuturialvideos.

I use LZ v. 4.1.5.

Thanks in advance.


I am at work right now

so I can't check this thoroughly, but it sounds fishy....I'm pretty sure the camera is supported, and if so then what you describe should not be happening.  I'll be home in about 6 hours unless we have to work late this evening (got an exhibition opening tomorrow here at the museum, so lots of little odds and ends...)

By experience, I notice some

By experience, I notice some Raw Tone Curve gives sometimes not optimal result, may be depending of the picture used to make te RTC, may be by the fact some RTC are made by hand and could have not completetly optimal value.

In the original Fuji X-E2 RTC, there's some color banding matter, a few tweak of the RTC fix this a now, the X-E2 RTC embed in lightzone is the fixed one.

So, you can try to unlock your camera RTC and tweak some zones to see if it could fix your matter.


Additionally, could you send a sample image (using dropbox, google drive or anything else) with the raw and a lzn.jpg file containing the problematic RTC. It will give the possibility to other users to check if the matter occurs on different computer or just yours.

Thanks for you reply.

Thanks for you reply.

Tweaking the RTC is definitely improving the problem, but i can't get it completly right (I'm still very unexperienced in this field). I will use some time trying perfecting it, if possible!

Sure, I can send a couple of samples using dropbox, what user should i send it to?


Post your link here,

use expendable (i.e. not very important) images, and all forum members will be able to test your photos. You can also use for this.

Have a nice day!

Link to the problem

Heres a link to two examples of the problem i experience with the RTC.
I have uploaded a .NEF files and .IZN file, without any tweaking of the RTC.


Yeah, they don't look so good.

I'll have more time soon to check this out further to see what's wrong.  But it will probably be a few more days.

Here is

a 1:1 detail from the dog's nose:

  • Darktable with base curve, sharpening and highlight reconstruction all disabled
  • LightZone without raw tone curve
  • RawTherapee with neutral profile

I'm wandering, whether a part of the problem is hidden in raw conversion, before curves are applied.

(But I also have to go to bed.) Be well!



I try last evening the photo

I try last evening the photo with people and notice, even it gives some bit less vivid colors, change the raw tone curve mode from RGB to Luminosity avoid to get greyed area.

Sorry for the late reply

I tried to change the RTC curve to Luminosity, and you are right, it is much better, with far less grey areas! I don't think it eliminates the problem though. There is still some greyness if compared with the RTC turned off. But it helps a lot, so thank you.