Nikon D5300 RAW problem - green haze

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Nikon D5300 RAW problem - green haze

Not sure it this is meant to be posted here but I have been unsuccesful at using lightzone for D5300 RAW files and am wondering if anyone has any ideas. I tried the stable version (4, which I now know has no profile for the D5300) and every time I went to edit a RAW file it opened up with a red haze making the photo unuseable.

Now with the Beta 8 version (where I believe the D5300 is supported) all RAW files open with a green haze when going to the edit section.


This is strange.  Did you try

This is strange.  Did you try beta 7, and if so did this happen there?  On my computer, I saw no green have with the 5300,  IIRC.  How strong is it?

I checked this using Windows

I checked this using Windows 7 64bit and a couple of sample RAW  files picked off the internet after a quick search.


I was not very impressed with the sample files (taken with the kit lens I think) for sharpness, noise or distortion but there was no green (or red) cast to the images opened using LZ 4.1 beta 8.


However high ISO images (indoor artificial lighting and ISO 6400 for example and more especially ISO 12800) rendered dark areas as very purple and noisy. Reducing the exposure setting by about 1.5 stops seemed to improve things a lot (especially at ISO 12800) but left the images flat and the dynamic range extremely limited according the histogram.


I ran a quick comparison using a current version of a top end converter that offers highly analysed conversions for camera/lens combinations and the results were very similar. The only really notable difference being that the very high ISO noise control seemed to be heavily applied specifically tuned to the grain in the image based on the ISO setting whereas LZ leaves us to sort that out for ourselves.


Would it be possible to make one of your images available for people to download and check results against their installations? It would be one simple test to see if unexpected installation issues might be involved in the root cause.







Thanks for the replies. Have

Thanks for the replies. Have not tried Beta 7, will do. Am confident it is not a RAW issue as all images work fine in view NX. Also most are shot at ISO 100 with Tokina 11-16 or Nikon 50 1.8 so not a noise problem.


I have attached an example screenshot of a RAW image in the browser and after clicking on edit. It goes very green. When I tried the stable version it went very red.


I use Windows 8.1 64 bit.

 Edit - Attaching PDF doesn't seem to be working for me

It could still be a raw issue

It could still be a raw issue----just one with LZ.  But first, beta 7 was the version that first had a profile for that camera.  From there, it could be that we are having a dcraw problem---but let us know how beta 7 works out for you.

No luck with beta 7. Same

No luck with beta 7. Same green haze as beta 8. I suppose the next step would be to upload a raw file for someone else to try. Can someone recommend the best way for me to do this? Files are a bit over 20 MB.

The files are too large for

The files are too large for the limits here and may be too large for most email system restrictions as well (My max email attachement size on any account it currently 25Mb but many set the size to be less than 10Mb.


The best option is to upload the file to somewhere from where it can be shared. If you have a web site that might be an option. Otherwise something like the Drop Box service or Microsoft's OneDrive. There are a number of them around that offer a free file storage facility (with sharing) in "the Cloud" and merely require registration.


I'm sure someone will provide further options if you are not happy with those suggestions.






Thanks Grant. Here is a link

Thanks Grant. Here is a link to a RAW file. Let me know if this goes green when opened in edit for you guys:!504&authkey=!AGv7H9essXOMCB4&ithint=file%2c.NEF


That's not just Green ...!

It almost looks like LZ is seeing only the green channel.


I disabled the RAW tone curve and it made no difference at all. I conclude that there is something about the file that a basic LZ component at the core of the interpretation routine does not recognise or does not like.


I tried it in Capture One and it looks OK although the midtones would need some work to get the best of the detail available. The dynamic range for the scene has exceeded what the camera can deal with without help.


Surprisingly my not especially up to date copy version of FastStone Viewer handles the file quite well too. It's a good program for many things but I was fairly sure it would not be up to date for the D5300 RAW. Maybe I have updated and forgotten I had done so.


A very quick experiment with the Original V4 shows it does not have profile for the camera but there is a red color cast and a very flat image short of any contrast that I cannot make any correctional changes for that make a useful difference other than changing the cast to a different colour!


I can't spend more time on this for a few hours. I want to look into the full detail of the Exif info but none of my regular applications go to the level I want to look at so I need to work around that.


We know that some D5300 images do have this extreme problem so what is different between those and yours?


Did you use any particular settings when taking the image (Active D-light for example?) that may necessitate special interpretation of the RAW data?


That said this Strong Green cast with Nikon Images (sometimes other colours from other manufacturers) seems to have been around across the model range for some years. Google can provide reports. That it keeps recurring as new models are introduced seems unfortunate - to say the least.





PS. The access to the file and the download worked very well - as I guess you have already realised. Thanks.



12-bit mode

I have opened this image in several editors and obviously Raw Therapee has a very similar problem. This could be helpful:


Apparently the camera has an optional 12-bit format, that causes (dcraw black level related) troubles. You can check Exif:BitsPerSample, it shows 12, while nonproblematic images from same camera are 14-bit.


A temporary workaround seems to be switching camera to 14-bit raw mode and converting existing 12-bit images to DNG.




P.S. IrfanView handles the file quite well too.

Good find Mart!

Good find Mart!


I seem to recall reading something about problems with the 12bit/14bit question but had not followed up on it to understand it as I don't use Nikon equipment.


Based on the information I managed to get something that looked more correct ... but nowhere near good enough.


Correction - so far that is only true for Version 4.0 - to which I had switched and attempted to create a Tone Curve as an experiment!






That 12-bit mode problem

That 12-bit mode problem comes from a bug in dcraw. Yesterday I looked into the dcraw source code and found a solution. I'll include the fix in the next release of LightZone (4.1.0~rc1) and also send a patch for the author of dcraw.



Thanks for your help guys. I

Thanks for your help guys. I tried taking a photo in 14bit RAW and the green is gone. Problem solved. I will try the adobe DNG converter for my existing 12 bit files when my internet download is reset.

Thanks for letting me know

Thanks for letting me know that Adobe DNG converter works for such stuffs, I will also use it for such problems.



RAW NEF Nikon d5300

Same thing in Linux Ubuntu ( file red pale ! ) I must edit the file by WINE to work with Adobe converter ( partition W XP)   After with  the new DNG i can use Lightzone   in Linux 

Red haze with Nikon D5300 RAW

Is it patched already? I'm also having the same red haze issue with my nkon D5300 NEF files in windows 10 (64 bit). I'm using version 4.1.2.

Red haze with Nikon D5300 RAW

I'm also having the same red haze issue with nikon d5300 RAW files.

DCRaw was allready patched

DCRaw was allready patched for the 12-bit mode problem, so I think this is another issue. Could you upload a sample raw file somewhere I can download? I'll look into it.



Cleared cache?

You may need to clear your cache if you've previously opened those files with a version of dcraw that produced the red haze. LightZone caches Raw conversions, so you may have a bad conversion cached.

Red Haze Issue Update

I'm getting red haze only with the RAW files which I've already edited with viewNX software. I have no issues with the ones straight out of the camera.

So, I'm guessing no issue in Lightzone software. But ,I'm still surprised why it is happening for the edited files. Edited files are opening fine in viewNX wihout any red haze.


File without red haze

File with red haze


Really appreciate any help. Sorry for the late reply.