New tone curve for Nikon D5300

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New tone curve for Nikon D5300

Hi all, if anyone uses a Nikon D5300, feel free to try the following RAW tone curve:

I found the default one was giving unatural midtone results so I tried making my own using the method described on this site (Linked to Youtube clip). This gave better results but it also seemed to blow out the highlights when compared to opening the same file in View NX (Nikons RAW editor). So I decided to make a tone curve to match view NX by opening the test file, removing all sharpening, contrast and saturation settings and converting to TIFF for opening in Lightzone. This TIFF file could then be used to get luminance values for the six test squares and then I matched these values with the RAW file using a tone curve. The result gives a more natural and almost identical profile to that of View NX.

That is a very interesting

That is a very interesting procedure for doing these.  I'll have to take a look.  Thanks.

Very Nice

Thanks bstalder. This is perfect. Working like charm. The default one was changing the RAW file beyond acceptable limit .

Does anyone know where is the

Does anyone know where is the site or youtube link bstalder is talking about?


I tried making my own using the method described on this site (Linked to Youtube clip).

I'm not sure I understand you....

Do you mean the test file?  That would be from Imaging Resource.

Hi tex and robydago,

Hi tex and robydago,


I think bstalder was talking about , which is linked from left column of this website > "RAW Profiling Center - RAW Profiles and D.I.Y. Profiling" > "Videos about RAW Profile Creation".


EDIT: I'd like to replace the older tone curve with the bstalder's in v4.1.4 since it works better.