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Hello -

  I found LightZone after I'd updated my computers to Ubuntu 16.04.  I've been using Raw Thearpee for a while and although it's capable software, it's a bit complicated and I found myself avoiding photo editing because I knew the work could get intense (more intense than I want for my off-work hours).  I've checked websites for listings of open source photo editing software in the past  but I decided to check again to see if there was anything new. 

  I found Patrice Laborda's Photography site was very down-to-earth; and she noted that Raw Therapee's interface is heavily technical but she thought a lot of LightZone. 

  When I googled LightZone, I saw in the search results a sentence that put me off at first because the person quoted said that LightZone didn't use traditional curves; and moreover curves, as presented in most photo editing software, isn't that helpful. 

  I was inclined to think photo editing software without curves is of limited use, so LightZone probably wouldn't help me.  However, out of curiosity, I decided to check the LightZone website.  That was a week and a day ago and I've downloaded the software and been watching LightZone tutorials ever since.

  I'm on a mission to get familiar with LightZone now.  Thanks to the LightZone team for keeping this software going.  I hope to participate further on this forum and become a regular Light Zone user.  


Welcome to you

I hope you find the software as wonderful as I did back when I first encountered it 10 years ago.  I wouldn't worry over much about the curves part as of yet.  We have a few users who wish we offered that capability, but not having that interface is not really a deficit---and as Dou Pardee has pointed out, doing things the LightZone way prevents you from doing things with curves you really shouldn't.

LightZone is very intuitive in its usage, but as simple as it can be, don't be deceived:  there is a ton of power in the software once you get to know it, and amazing flexibility.

Have a Look at:

Have a look at this tutorial (if you haven't already):


I, like you, wondered about the lack of Curves and Levels. The above blog helped a lot.