negative clarity

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negative clarity

people ask about it, usefull for skin softening,

i got the source code and changed line 53 in from:

        setSliderConfig(DETAIL, new SliderConfig(0, 10, detail, .05, false, format));


        setSliderConfig(DETAIL, new SliderConfig(-10, 10, detail, .05, false, format));

and it now works.

just thought i would share, it works for me (linux) and with the region tool provides good results.

now all we need is a way to subtract/add one region inside of another(unless i just havent found it yet)

Very cool!  See, this is why

Very cool!  See, this is why it's so important for this project to be community based and have more membership.  I'll try to make sure the development team sees this----and maybe you should be on it?

glad you think this will be

glad you think this will be helpfull,

i just found out about this about a week ago (lightzone) and i havent touched any other raw editing package since,

miss the tone curves from rawtherapee, but the zonemapper is pretty awesome.

there are a few things i plan on seeing if i can incorperate :

grad nd filter, aforementioned region mod,,, a simple brightness/contrast would be nice(once again might just be me),

maybe even a batch convert by choosing the img source folder input/output?

i want to use this for paying customers photos, and although i wish i could donate to the cause, atm i dont have the funds, so i figured i would share whatever enhancements/modifications i made, to help make someone elses life easier.

really is a disapointment when you watch a tutorial and figure out you cant do it because of a missing feature,

hopefully i can help make it possible for people to watch lightroom tuts and get the same results from lightzone.





I know it will be helpful, as

I know it will be helpful, as will some of your other suggestions.  Don't worry about monetary donations----far more important would be the sort of thing you are already doing or are thinking about doing. We have lots of room for improvements.  And right now we are not even collecting donations, although we may start sometime this year---strictly voluntary, for anyone else reading this, and strictly to support the Project and the website. 

A question.

What is the advantage of using negative clarity (effectively an extended negative value for the Detail slider of a Relight tool?) compared to Gaussian blur (the preferred tool, mostly, for skin adjustments offered in the Styles collection?


Or vice versa of course.





Is angjminer still a member?

It seems like there were some good ideas here and a question asked by Grant that was never answered.  Is angjminer still a member and contributing ideas and work?



not sure....

I can check if I remember.  Very slammed at work right now....