Moving through thumbnails with arrow keys

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Moving through thumbnails with arrow keys

Running Linux Mint 17, Lightzone 4.1.0 beta 14

I used to be able to highlight a thumbnail which would then show in the preview window, and then step through the thumbnails with the keyboard left and right arrows - the highlighted thumbnail changing as I did so.  I could also move the highlighted thumbnail to another row with the keyboard up and down arrows. 



In the last few updates (at least beta 13 and 14, perhaps longer) the behaviour seems to have changed on my desktop and laptop.  The left and right keyboard arrows do nothing to the highlighted thumbnail, and the up and down arrow keys work scroll the thumbnail rows, but do not move the highlighted thumbnail.


Is this the intended behaviour?  I really miss the left/right arrow moving the highlighted thumbnail.




Thanks, and happy new year to everyone.

Same thing on windows 7

Last windows version, that supports browsing with keyboard arrows, is beta 12. On linux, I only have 4.0 and latest beta installed, so I can't check previous betas.




@berbmit @Mart Thanks for

@berbmit @Mart Thanks for your reports. I'll commit a fix for this issue today.



Thanks Masahiro

Masahiro: much appreciated ... it'll be a valuable restoration much appreciated by myself at least! 

Selecting layer modes

Selecting layer modes via arrow keys would be great too :-) 

If you speak about blending

If you speak about blending modes, I think changing them with mouse wheel could be nice too.