Magenta colour cast with Panasonic rw2 files in LZ3.9

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Magenta colour cast with Panasonic rw2 files in LZ3.9

Hallo everyone.
Having got LZ back up and running on a fresh install of Ubuntu Precise Pangolin, I have been playing with it again. Having upgraded my old and trusty Panasonic FZ30 to a new and shiny FZ150, I thought i would play with HDR using the open source Luminance programme. I went to a local water garden with a friend and shot of a number of raw shots, some bracketted, others as single. The HDR stuff was ok-ish as a first stab, but opening them and editing them in LZ revealed an intense inky magenta cast of all files, though the previews, and jpegs saved from the raw, are fine. I note the same project here from a post from Brian on his Sony.
The dcraw is the one bundled with LZ3.9, and dcraw is not installed elsewhere on my system.
Since I have previously tinker with Darktable, another open-source phot-editor, that too had a colour cast, though more violet-pink and nowhere near as intense.

I can live quite happily without taking another raw photo, but it is slightly irritating. I was wondering if the manufacturers had "upgraded" the camera firmware since they might have been first integrated into dcraw, so that it no longer runs as well, though this would not explain the "edit mode"only occurrence of the colour cast.

I have purged the .lzcache file in my home directory, though not hunted through /root to see if there is one there as well. The LZ folder and scripts are all launched from the /home directory, a separate partition to the /root and system files.
Rather a long post, I'm afraid, but it keeps the linux end up, at least :)

Panasonic RAW files

Hi there Daveth

I don't own a FZ150 but have been using a Panasonic GF2 for about a year now. Before upgrading dcraw, the images were very magenta which was not surprising as the version in Lightzone 3.9 must be several years out of date by now. Upgrading solved this and, using the profile that Doug created, now get very satisfactory results.

From what you say, you are still using the version of dcraw that came with version 3.9 so the first thing I'd suggest is downloading the latest version of dcraw for Linux from the Github site (or compile your own - it's not that hard); backup your current dcraw and swap the new version in. You may need to make it executable (from a terminal type: chmod +x dcraw) then run Lightzone again. Any improvement?

After that, try using the Panasonic FZ150 template that Doug has already built and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Update the dcraw

As noted on the Wiki page for camera support, dcraw didn't support the FZ150 until version 9.11. The version shipped with LightZone 3.9 is version 8.99, so it doesn't have any clue about the FZ150.

A dcraw update from the links on the left, along with a Raw Tone Curve update (also from the links on the left), should get you going. If not, let us know what you're getting.


Yeah, that worked, thank you.