Magenta color cast on Panasonic GM1 raw files

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Magenta color cast on Panasonic GM1 raw files

The raw files are from a Panasonic GM1 (.RW2 extension). LightZone version is 4.0.0 (860b0ba). Operating system: Windows 7 Professional, SP1, 64-bit.
The colors are correctly displayed on the Browse module but show a strong magenta color cast on the Edit module. This doesn’t happen with other raws from other camera makers that I tried.
From what I read this might be caused by the version of DCRAW.
Is there a fix? If not, will LightZone update automatically or is there something I have to do?

Hello Pecolpan,

Hello Pecolpan,


I would suggest downloading the beta 9 version for the future 4.1 release and seeing what happens with that.


If you install it in its own folder you will be able to check without disturbing the 4.0.0 release.


dcraw has been updated during the beta programme and there may have been revised RAW tome mapping tool settings. (I'm not a Panasonic camera user so am not instantly familiar with the current state of play for those cameras.)







Thanks, that solved the color

Thanks, that solved the color cast problem.