Machinery HDR Effects

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Machinery HDR Effects

Hi there,

I've been using Machinery HDR Effects in a professional way for a few weeks, it's an awesome program with many features.

The price is now €29 ($39) instead of €40 ($54), a very low price in my opinion. The website is there :


I made a few HD videos on Youtube about it. You can see my full review in there :


In the following video I compared the program to Photomatix Pro 5 :


The last version (2.8.5) is much more faster and has a plugin for Adobe Lightroom.

Machinery HDR Effects is a nice tool I added to LightZone to further enhance my pics, landscapes, seascapes, architectural shots and even portraits.

Machinery is a very good hdr

Machinery is a very good hdr processor and is reasonably priced.

Machinery HDR Updated

2 thumbs up on the new updates.

• Updated RAW library.
• Enhanced support for color profiles.
• New configuration options.
• User interface changes.
• Improved auto-exposition algorithm.
This program is definitely my go to HDR program!!!
And I greatly appreciate the fact it is continually updated (free for a year). 

You might also consider EasyHDR

You might also consider EasyHDR.

I've had very good results from it and a collegue found it performed better than PhotoMatix on a scene with wind blown trees.


And here is a thread about a program that can merge multiple raw files into a single high dynamic range DNG file, that Raw Therapee already can edit.

Just downloaded the latest

Just downloaded the latest update. Works very well. I like the overall HDR exposure of 3-7 exposures better in Machinery than Photomaix or Oloneo. There is always better detail in the shadows, they have more light in them.

What does panoramic mode do?

Max B Atwood
HDR natural look?

HDR Expose 3 is an excellant program.  The natural look that can be achieved is very desiable.  A second program that delivers an excellant natural look is SNS HDR.  SNS HDR does not have all the bells and whistles of HDR Expose but it is my favorite at present due to the delivery of the final product.  Bring down the saturation and contrast a little and it may cause one to pause and ponder rather than jump up and shout - which for me is the preferred reponse.  Would someone still enjoy looking at the picture after having seen every day for a year?  Hopefully so.