Mac Beta Testing

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Mac Beta Testing

In this forum please post any of the problems you have encountered during beta testing. Be sure to include the details of your OS, machine, & other pertinent details. If possible, also find your log file in the LZ program folder and post its contents.

Good Luck!

Mac Beta

I know Tex has said post any problems, but the development team may be cheered by hearing of no problems.
My installation of Mac Beta from LightZone-20130702.dmg was immediate with no issues. Opening LZ 4.0 was exceptionally quick in comparison with LZ 3.9.2.
I have worked on a few CR2 images from a 7D using Zonemapper, Relight and Sharpen with no issues, controls working well. Will go deeper in due course and print from Epson Stylus Pro 3880. In all a good experience on a Mac Pro (early 2009) 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 6GB memory, ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB graphics card, OS X 10.8.4 with latest Apple Java update.
A great start, much appreciated.

Mac beta

I concur. So far, so very good.

I have been testing Nikon D2H, D300 and D3s files without a hitch sofar. Systems are Macpro 5.1, 6-core, 48 Gb, SSD, OSX 10.8.4 and a MBP, dual core, 16Gb, SSD and OSX 10.8.4.

Installation of the 20130702 image was smooth on both systems and browsing and editing files without a fault sofar.

One thing i noticed though (but for me not really a problem), is that for some files (especially noise prone, like D2H) the thumbnail in the browser shows excessive noise, banding even. But, when i open the file for editing, nothing of that.

I've in the meantime tried all of the tools, as well as rotate etc. and have output to jpg, tiff 16-bit, opened a file from within Phase One Media Pro, all fine.

Takes off hat to developers !!

One more for so far so good.

One more for so far so good. Install/DMG went easily. Used it side by side with LR4 and am impressed with the RAW conversion and the ease of use.

Canon 7D CR2 files on a MacPro 2008 (3,1) with 18GB Memory.

Only concern I had was the ZIP file had 2 DMG files in it. Hopefully this is only for the BETA folks.

Still working it some. It would be nice if we could launch a defined editor from within LZ and not have to manually save the image and then show it in Finder and then launch the editor of choice.


Mac beta

LightZone works fine with one exception. I've tried printing from my Mac to my Canon printer. It works fairly well, but to print borderless does not work on my Canon MG5350? On my HP Photosmart 3210 it cost 5 pieces of photo paper to try, each with a small bit of the picture?

LightZone works fine with Aperture, iPhoto and Lightroom.
I miss being able to eliminate chromatic aberration in LightZone. Along with Aperure and Lightroom it is obviously not a problem, but as a standalone raw converter it is a problem.

Yes, it's been on the wish

Yes, it's been on the wish list for a long time, well back into Lightcrafts days. Plus other lens corrections. This one a I think we may be able to add as a feature in the future....maybe. There is a round-about way to do this in LZ, but it's not "one click" as it should be. But since we do have a red eye tool, this gives me hope.

We also have had issues with printing in the past, which is why i asked everyone who could to print. Troublesome problem, as it seemed to be different by printer model.

And, yet, another so far so good

Sounds like the development team has done an excellent job with the Mac version of LightZone! To date, I have processed RAW files from Canon 5D II, Canon G10, Panasonic G1, Fuji X10, and JPEG from each of these and my iPhone 5; no issues. I have used every tool, except for Red Eye, saved edits and exported to TIFF. I have made use of each region type, selected based on color, selected based on luminance range, and copy/pasted regions; again, no issues. I have applied nearly every Style preset. Everything that I normally use (and some that I don't) to edit my files in LightZone has worked without issue!

I will continue to play with this beta version, but I'm not expecting to find anything. Thanks, again, to everyone involved in this project for keeping LightZone alive!!

Mac Beta Tester

Hi Tex,

Installation went perfectly. Style presets are working great on pef raw files.
The only issue i encountered was following: when rotating an image, the tumbnail rotates to the left or right and instantly goes back to his original position.

Mac Beta

Further to my post above I have printed to a Canon iP4950 without issue and have noted the rotation issue posted by FM: the thumbnail rotates but immediately goes back to its original format. Open the image in Edit, apply the rotation and the rotation holds but has no effect on the thumbnail.


Once again. I have tried printing on my Canon MG5350. Selected "Managed By Printer" or "Managed By Application". No matter what I do, it is not possible to print Borderless from LightZone.

If you select Borderless in "Page Setop" it is forgotten when printing takes place?

It works in Lightroom, Photoshop and Pixelmator seamlessly with the settings, but not in LightZone.

I can print Borderless from LightZone on my HP printer Photosmart 3210, but the settings as LightZone suggest does not work. The driver setting works on my HP printer. It is the driver's settings for borderless set just before printing works.

Am I doing something wrong?

It would be interesting to know whether the programming team has planned additional features such as "Lens Corrections". It could for example be the possibility to remove Chromatic Aberration. It can not do without!

Several of adjustment tools are excellent (Zone Mapper, Relight and last but not least the ability to draw Regions).

There is no doubt that I sometimes want to use LightZone with Lightroom, but I think that the Raw conversion, Highlights recovery and removal of noise is better in Lightroom. So far!

LightZone is the best free Raw converter I've tried and it is close to being able to compete with the leading Raw converters on the market

I don't think it's you. I

I don't think it's you. I can't be sure, because different hardware setups can introduce problems a software manufacturer can't account for, but there have been printing issues with LZ in the past. They haven't happened with me (well, not this problem) but then I never print borderless. It's a shame these problems exist, because LZ does great up-rezzing. The print module is one I want us to rework in the future, to be more like LightRoom's

As far as CA correction goes, it has been on the wish list for a few years. This is something I have hope that we will be able to offer in the future, due to other features that already exist in LZ and could be built upon to provide this tool. Perspective corrections I am not as sure about....

So far, so good

Using with OS 10.8.4, LR5, raws from Nikon D700. No problems, everything going well. Relight works very well.

D700 + Mac OSX 10.7.5 + LightZone 4.1.3 + NEF = failure


Please, forgive-me any erros in typping; I'm brazilian.

Using a Nikon D700, wich generates .NEF as RAW images, and trying to open it on LightZone 4.1.3 in a Mac with OSX 10.7.5 one occurs a recurrent failure where the program crashes asking for sending a report - which I always answer it. By thys way, I'm just using .JPEG images.

If you know the answer, please, share.

Thank you.

Mac beta update

I've tested everything i can imagine. Files from all cameras i have, both RAW and jpeg. I've tried to open files directly and from other tools. I've opened them from the system's hard drive and via the network.

I've made manual updates and applied and stacked styles. Everything works as expected and without error. I can't seem to break it, not by using colour selections and different, stacked layer modes. Everything just works!

Great, great, great job by the devs!

I'm done beta testing.


This is *fast*. A few tweaks and I believe you have a serious contender to replace Lightroom and/or ACDsee simply as an image browser on my desktop. Right now I'm going through 10 years of images from DragonCon and so far, nothing aside from files that were corrupted to begin with phase it.

A couple of things. I see selections for ratings, is there a way to sort and find by rating? Or a Pick / Image bucket? My reasoning is that I have to sort through a *lot* of pictures after a con very quickly, make my picks, and correct them before sending them off to the website. I'm not looking for categories, I usually copy the picks into their own folder and convert them from there. Wasteful, I know, but safe.

Well, hold on there, podner.

Well, hold on there, podner. Before I give you an answer, let me say several things: 1. Speed can be a function of your machine, preference settings, etc. LZ may run fast or slow depending on these things, out of our control. 2.LZ was never the fastest program, all optimizations being equal, technically. Where I always argued LZ was fast was on the human side of things: it's just easier to use, and it is pretty intuitive. That said, you may find yourself now spending a lot more time in contemplation of an image, and that'll sure slow ya down...3. "A few tweaks"... may indeed be coming. One thing Lightcrafts admitted they were working on before they went dark were browser improvements. I heard tell of at least one editor improvement, also. 3. Lemme tell ya something: Lightroom is damned sophisticated, and I doubt we'll surpass it in its strengths now. But we have our own strengths, so I've been encouraging users of softwares that allow for external editors to give LZ a go in that way.

Now, for your question's answer: partial yes. In browser mode, top of the filmstrip/thumbs pane, upper right of that tools strip (It divides the top pane from the bottom), drop down box with "sort order". Sort by your preference (metadata stuff). This is NOT as robust as Lightroom's sorting, and the reason is that in Lightroom, for that to work, you give over all your images to the program's libraries/catalogs. That's a big fat chunk o' ugly work, but it pays off in the end. So in LZ you can't ask it to show you all your 5 star images among the many thousands of images you may have, across all your folders---because LZ hasn't asked you to make the commitment Lightroom has. LZ is not really a database, and part of Lightroom is just that, a true DAM.


I do cheat a bit in the hardware department. I'm running a 15" mid 2012 MBP with 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. I have to run a lot of different simulators in VM-land, as well as my work laptop image, so I need the speed. That said, Lightroom is a pig even running with everything else shut down and 75%+ free memory. ACDsee Pro 2 for Mac takes 3-5 minutes to get to a point it can be browsed and I can't even get ACDsee Pro 3 past the cataloging stage. THAT's a product where the Mac version lags years behind the Windows.

I've always run things through a lightweight sorter (ACDsee Pro 6 for Windows), then through Lightroom for the long term cataloging. I just haven't found anything on Mac yet that will let me do that. Until now.

Really? hmmmm....well then,

Really? hmmmm....well then, that's great!

Blending modes wont open

I have a Mac OS X 10.6.8, When I click on the blending mode drop down menu, it flashes open but does not stay open. I have version 4.0 for Mac. What can I do?

you have installed the wrong

you have installed the wrong version. try installing the July 2 version (it will write over your existing one). This is the problem that held up the Mac beta for a month.

Still accepting Beta Testers?

I am interested in Beta Testing the Mac version. Are you still accepting people for this? I have a MacBook Pro running Lion and a MacBook Air running Mountain Lion.

where is the beta?

I must be dense. I click on the mac link for the beta but it takes me to v3.92.

No, but you didn't read that

No, but you didn't read that box carefully.  The beta link is nowhere on the site---we're not Adobe!  We respond individually to requests.  I'll send you the link.

I'd Like a Link

I'd like a link too to kick the tires. Long time LZ user. I also taught with it. I only wandered away apparently just before the end (and when the new Aperture came out).

Beta Test

I want to be in the LZ Mac beta testers.



Beta Testing for MAC


I would like to part take in the beta testing program please.

Thank you




I am interested in becoming a Beta Tester for the Mac version. I am using 10.6.8 on an iMac, and Lightzone since about 3-4 years as original (payed) Version, at the moment the 3.9.2.

Kind regards from the Caribbean,



Java problem

LightZone won't run on my MacBook Pro which has Mountain Lion 10.8.4. A message box pops up saying Unexpected Failure Error starting Java virtual machine. I tried re-installing Java 7 update 25 (latest version). Even went so far as to install Firefox, just so I could download Java from a 64-bit browser, since I got all kinds of warnings in Chrome. (I've given up on Safari, as it's too bloated.)


I have no idea why this Java issue is preventing LightZone from opening. I've seached for a couple of hours regarding this error message to no avail.


Can anybody out there lend a hand?


Thanks in advance,




Have you done the latest Java updates from Apple?

Go to Oracle Java site and

Go to Apple site or Oracle Java site and get the latest update for Java and install them.  That worked for me on a new machine where I was testing.


Got it working. Thanks to all

Got it working. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I ended up needing to completely uninstall Java and then install it from the file at Most important seems to be the need to install with any/all web browsers completely shut down.

Now on to the fun of putting LZ through it's paces.

Well done.

Well done.

Now for the fun part using Lightzone. :-)



Well I have been using

Well I have been using Lightzone pretty well every day without any problems.


Getting to learn a new software is always a bit tedious but it seems to very logically put together so I am not finding that too problematic.


Am I missing anything?  I want to do Batch Raw conversion to JPGs.  I cant see a way to do this.

EDIT -- Found it. Select All and then push the Convert. Cool


One bug....

Just need to fix the file naming issue that other people have reported. The Done button changes the file name. :-( My filename XP1-1-0046.RAF should have a name of XP1-1-0046.JPG when finished or using your naming convention XP1-1-0046_lzn-1.JPG but currently it goes to XP1-1_lzn-1.JPG

Any suggestions for a workaround ?


I have reported this as a bug in the Issue Tracker.   I see that there is no intention to fix this until the next release.  I dont know what the next release date is but this is the only thing that stops me using LightZone full time.




Lightzone for 10.6.8


I would be glad for a link to a working version of LZ on Snow Leopard, if you have a beta for this.

Thank you.

Jean-François Martineau


Reported on Facebook:

Reported on Facebook:


Troy Mullens No problems during the Mac Beta Test.
27" iMac
2.8 GHz Intel I7
Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
OSX 10.8.4

Becoming a Beta Tester

Hello Tex

I spent the last few visits to the site looking for the Beta test link.  Then I read some of the posts.  If it is still available, I'd like to try the Mac version.



Throwing my hat in the ring



After trying the Linux version in a virtual machine, I'm also interested in becoming a beta tester for the Mac version. I have a 2011 Intel MacBook Pro running 10.6.8.





DNG files?

I can see the DNG's in the photo browser, but get an error when I tried to open them. Error says my camera (Nikon D700) is unsupported.These are files that were converted in Adobe Lightroom from the original Nikon NEF's. Are DNG's unsupported, or is it because I have already imported into Lightroom and converted them?


Whoops-- forgot to add this is the Mac version of LZ.

DNG's are Adobes con to make

DNG's are Adobe's con to make people think that the software supports everything.

A DNG from any camera is just a DNGed RAW file so still needs custom support!!!

Adobe has a lot to answer for!!!


Well, so far the Mac beta has

Well, so far the Mac beta has handled everything I've thrown at it.


The other day, I tried processing some stitched panoramas which were over 500MB in size, and performance was more than acceptable on my mid 2007 iMac.


Could you be more specific

Could you be more specific about "performance was more than acceptable"?



MacBook Pro

8gigs ram

OSX 10.8.4

Sony NEX 7

The other day I tried throwing a 2gig Tiff stitched from 52 images at Lightzone.

It took over 30min. to load into the editor.

As soon as I attempted to apply one of the tools (relight) the image blanked out.

I waited an hour for the image to reapear before giving up.



Well, that's a whopper,  and

Well, that's a whopper,  and 52 images is something like from the old days of stitching, using 5-8mp cameras.  That's about twice as big as a scanned sheet of 8x10 film at 4800dpi. I'm actually shocked you got it to load.  Have you tried anything in the 500mb range, which would be like a sheet of 4x5 film scanned at 4800?

MacBook Pro, 8gigs ram, OSX

MacBook Pro, 8gigs ram, OSX 10.8.4

487meg 16bit Tiff

Load time - 11sec

Apply with no delay
Gausian blur
Black and White


Save back to browser as Tiff - 2min.
Resulting file size 244meg

Conversion time Tiff to 16bit Tiff no compression from the browser - 2 min.
Resulting file size 487meg


Thanks for this software, it really is pretty dang nice.



Mac beta test

Good evening Tex,


If still of some value for you, I would like to join the community of beta testers of the Mac version of LightZone.

I run Lion on an iMac, 8GB RAM and can test images from Canon 7D and FujiFilm x20


Best regards


Beta test

Another willing tester, here.

Intel iMac, 2.9GHz i5 series

testing with raw and .jpg from a Nikon D3100

How do i download the beta!!!

How can I get the beta for mac?

Hey it would be great if I

Hey it would be great if I could get access to the mac beta (Mac OS 10.8.4), too!

I would love to get access to

I would love to get access to the beta, too! I'm working on Mac OS 10.8.4, if that's relevant.

Thanks in advance.


Can I get the beta, too?

Would be great!

beta testing

would very much like to test this, as I have been using 3.9 for a number of years

Thank you