LZ won't run after Win10 update

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LZ won't run after Win10 update

LZ 4.1.7 64bit on Win10 v1703.

After Jave 8 and Win10 update, LZ settings could not be updated!

OPEN LZ goes directly to LightZone Settings Help screen, all options have no effect.

:Error Message : LightZone Settings Couldn't be updated:

Java.util.prefs.BackingStoreExceptions could not Delete Windows Registry Node Software\Javasoft\prefs\com\Lightcrafts at root 0x80000001.

Windows RegDeleteKeyEx(...) Returned error code 87

Uninstalled Java & LightZone, reinstalled LZ only. Same as before.




I don't have my Win10 laptop

at hand, but did you try to delete the key manually? It should be at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\lightcrafts in Regedit. Deleting it shouldn't do any harm even with LightZone installed. And Java upgrades should not affect the program, which is using it's own, bundled Java.

Reg Key manually deleted..

Reg Key manually deleted...ReStarted...No Change, LZ will not fully open (info screen only). Same error messages as above....

Any suggestions?

As said,

I don't have my Win10 apparatus here to actually update the OS and see, what happens; there was at least one similar report recently, with no solution so far. And this could be Windows 10 related.

A very basic and vague suggestion - you might have done all of this already - is to uninstall the program and make as clean, as possible, reinstallation.

Uninstallation should wipe the registry key and the Program Files folder. This has always worked for me, the Windows version of LZ is well made (as is the Linux version, I don't have a Mac), but check anyway.

Make sure, that the evil SmartScreen "feature" isn't blocking the installation or execution of LightZone; disable it temporarily, at least. It did cripple the installations of open-source/beta/"exotic" programs for me in the past, even when told to allow them.

Check your antivirus program also. Avast made no problems to me so far, but every AV is different, and it is different every day.

Remove/move/rename the Documents/LightZone folder, saving your custom templates first. Delete the C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\LightZone folder. (This should also work from within LightZone, Preferences - Browser Cache - Clear; delete everything, anyway.)

But this certainly might not be enough. More reports of issues with Win10 could be helpful.

Be well,


Installing LZ to WIN10 is immpossible.

It has past more than one year when I mentioned the following similar proble, but nobody ever gave me any tip.  It's about time to face seriously that mulfunction. The meassage:

"I have tried to install the latest version 4.1.7 but after the run of install4j nothing happens without any message.

My system is Windows 10 pro  64 bit on a AMD FX(tm) Quad core x64

Thanks in advance for any help"    05/2016

Well, it is not impossible,

it works on most Win10 systems. What do you mean with "run of install4j"?

LZ failed to start last time. Resetting your LZ settings may fix

My name is Peter. I opened an account today and downloaded LZ 4.1.7 64 bit Win 10 vers 1703. Before installing I disabled my antivirus program and updated Java 8. I were not asked for a Reg Key.

LZ doesn´´t start. Instead I get this announcement for some seconds: "LZ failed to start last time. Resetting your LZ settings may fix this."

Bill Grant
This solution worked for me

I just got the Windows 10 Creator update. The only program that would not run, LightZone.

I received this error message; “Communication with running instance failed (error 231): All pipe instances are busy.” Microsoft says it may be a problem with the anti virus. I found that was not the case. The problem lay elsewhere and the solution for me was quite simple.

The problem was that I had installed each new version of LightZone into it’s own directory. The new version of Windows couldn’t make the right connection. I decided it was time for some house cleaning.

It would be a good idea to make a copy of the LightZone folder that you can find in your Documents folder, before you start an uninstall. I would suggest using an uninstaller such as Revo. This URL will get you to the free download; https://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html

The Revo uninstaller will use LightZone’s uninstaller to remove LightZone. I had three versions of LightZone, which took two uninstalls to remove. After the LightZone uninstaller has done it’s work, Revo shows all the locations in your system where LightZone is still lurking. You have the option of leaving them or removing them. I removed everything Revo suggested.

Once LightZone is fully uninstalled, simply reinstall. LightZone should work just fine. If you find that some custom templates or tools are missing, just copy the LightZone folder back into the Documents directory. You did make a copy of the LightZone Folder?

I hope this helps everyone.

Thank you!

This looks like an important tip we need to elevate in some way to ensure others find it.

LZ crashes ... won't edit


Just downloaded LZ to my MacBook Pro (snowleopard version 'cos I don't have Sierra.)

Opened my first photo to edit; selected "Edit"; selected "Styles" (no - actually I just moved the cursor over that area  of the screen!!) ...

... and it crashed.

Deleted that version; downloaded again... same thing.

(Lightzone crash reporter appears each time, but won't send a crash report.)

Any thoughts?


LZ still crashing on startup under Win10


is there any solution in sight? I tried all the suggested steps above but have still the crash on startup.

Facts: Latest LZ, latest Win10, Start LZ, Crash with above mentioned message.


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