lx5 trouble on mac

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lx5 trouble on mac

i put the lx5 template
CameraDefault;PANASONIC DMC-LX5.lzt
into the library/application support/lightzone/templates folder

now i can choose the lx5 in the left menu, yet still have the extreme pink plus a number of fuzzy lines at top of the picture;
maybe i processed wrongly; i made a textfile with the template contents and renamed it to have the .lzt ending which i copied to the templates folder

Did you update dcraw?

You probably didn't install the dcraw update, so the Raw converter doesn't know how to make sense of the LX5 Raw file.

dcraw file missing

You are right, the updated dcraw file is missing from your download page:(

On the good side, in "special note for lion"; no need for the terminal, you simply right-click (cmd-click) the lightzone app and select "show package contents" to see the files within:)

(on the http://lightzoneproject.org/node/56 page)