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Login problem

Helo everybody. First of all I would like for my first message here to thanks you for all you give us! It is my first message, but it is already at least a year an half that I follow the project. I have actally an issu when I have to sign in on the website. Everytime I want to sign in, i have to reset my passwork because it is like my password is not saved. Once my password is reseted, i can sign in for some time (that i didn't reaaly evaluated, I would say dsome days) and then suddently my password is not recognized anymore...

I would be glad if somebody can help me  with that. thanks!

Welcome, Siel!

Our forum administrator is currently very busy, but he comes along here and there, so be patient. He will try to find out, what the problem is.

By the way, did you try with another browser? And what happens, if you don't log out at all? I have no problems, being signed in permanently, which works until I change the computer. Then I have to sign in again, but never had to reset the password.

Have a nice day!

- Mart

I had the same problem. I had

I had the same problem. I had to request a password change.

Then I discovered then Safari and the keychain on macOS apparently like to enter my email instead of my username in the login fields. I edited and replaced the email with my username in keychain and after that the automatic login worked fine.