Lightzone V4.1.4 Linux version ?

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Lightzone V4.1.4 Linux version ?



Except if it's due to a matter from my side, it seems there's still no Linux release of the v4.1.4.


So, if somebody knew a bit more about this, I would much appreciate some informations.





I can only confirm this,

on my Linux virtual machine I still have the previous version.




I can also confirm this

Both Ubuntu 14.04.3 and openSUSE 42.1 Leap are still on version 4.1.3.


I guess there has been some

I guess there has been some problems on Open Build Service. I triggered rebuild the packages today, and v4.1.4 is available now (at least on my virtual Mint Linux 17.1).

Works on my Ubuntu 14.04.3

I'm getting the latest Lightzone of v4.1.4.  I had to use the instructions on the Home page as it fails to work under my normal Ubuntu updates.



Hit Save Twice by accident

and won't let me delete this one.



Works for me too

Updated with regular updates on 64-bit Ubuntu Studio 14.04, thank you.

Also OK for Ubuntu 15.10 .

Also OK for Ubuntu 15.10 . Thanks :-)

Okay on openSUSE 42.1

Just update my openSUSE laptop now will try on my Ubuntu 14.04.3-LTS.



new key needed

Updated with Debian Wheezy. I had to put the new key in for the repository. The old one had expired...

It works with Fedora 23

I updated my repositories a couple of days ago and installed LightZone 4.14 to my Fedora 23.

All seems to work fine.


Have a nice day,