LightZone v4.1.1

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LightZone v4.1.1

I've just uploaded the LightZone v4.1.1 with some bug fixes. You can get the packages in the same way as v4.1.0. Change log is here:


Notes for Linux users:

  • For Mint 17.x, use "xUbuntu_14.04" repository. Other repositories will cause problems because of unmet library versions.
  • If a repository for your distro is not available, for instance PCLinuxOS, maybe you can bulid an .rpm package by yourself using an existing .src.rpm for other distros. I wrote a brief instruction here:


Have fun!




I will try it later today, thank you very much!

The Right panel issue is

The Right panel issue is fixed on windows, I can confirm

tested on linux this morning,

tested on linux this morning, it looks fixed too.

Trouble Posting to Forum

I'm sorry for piggy-backing my question on this thread, but I am unable to post a new topic in the "Questions" forum. When I hit "Save" at the bottom (which I assume is the button to "Post" the topic), it brings me to an error page. I've been trying for almost 24 hours and the issue exists.


The error I see:


The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.





Hieronymus Bosch
I tried it, and like 4.1 it

I tried it, and like 4.1 it will only run once, directly from the install launch, and then never again after that, complaining about "Could not load JVM library" on every subsequent launch attempt on Windows 64 bit on a computer with other Java JVMs installed.

More information on "Could not load JVM" needed


Hi Hieronymus


I think to solve this we need some more information. What platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), versions of Java installed.


Have you tried to uninstall Lightzone and wipe the program directory completely. Just in case there is something left over from old installs


Try to reset your new LightZone when it runs the first time could also be a solution. Masahiro has changed the name of imbedded java to avoid confusion with other installed java versions.


Hope we find a solution, so your day gets better ;-))



Hieronymus Bosch
Just tried again and no, an

Just tried again and no, an in-program reset does not fix it. I've always checked the "delete all data and caches" boxes on uninstall. (The uninstaller seemed to think that the path was "C:\Program Files\LightZone\..." btw, while on my non-English system it's actually "C:\Program\LightZone\..." but this does not seem to affect much. I created a "Program Files" directory and tried to install it there, and no go - it runs once after install directly from installer, then no more. So I installed fresh, clicked run from the installer, found the in-application reset under preferences and then it would not run again.

Windows 8. 64-bit. I have an Eclipse installation with a both Java8 and Java7 (both 64 bit) JVMs and an Libre Office Base with a Java 7 JVM 32 bit running on this machine. Incidentally, LightZone 4.0 ran happily on it.

Java, java

Hi Hieronymus


Are you using 32 or 64 bit version of lightzone. Your error seems strange because in the last version LightZones internal java version seesm to be hardcoded as seen in this change for the last updated version:


static {
-        System.loadLibrary("LCMS");
+        System.loadLibrary("LCLCMS");


Is anyone else experiencing this problem ??


I think this is an Issuse for Masahiro (The HIRO of Lightzone). So lets wait and see. Until then i suggest you stay with the old version that worked for you. I am quite sure this will get fixed. The problem is to find out what is going on.


So please be patient

Just guessing, but this looks

Just guessing, but this looks to me like a specific (your-) system related problem. Uninstaller should "know" the right path, no matter the language. Do other programs have similar problems on your computer? Creating a "Program Files" directory on your system drive is certainly not a good way to solve the problem. Did you actually uninstall previous versions? Did you manually remove the remainings in Program/Program Files directory, log and templates in Documents directory (make a backup, if necessary), caches in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\LightZone and possible remainings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\lightcrafts? I usually don't recommend registry cleaners, but the one that comes with Ccleaner is conservative and well tested and can be useful here and there.


Sorry, if this does not help. I am not the clever guy, but perhaps we could try to solve this without Masahiro's help and let him deal with new features and improvements.


Good night,




That message appears in this

That message appears in this line:

so, could you check if one of "jre\bin\server\jvm.dll" and "jre\bin\client\jvm.dll" is correctly installed under your "C:\Program\LightZone\" ?  Also, isn't there something unusual in Documents\LightZone\LightZone.log ?



Hieronymus Bosch
I am using the "LightZone

I am using the "LightZone-Installer-4.1.1-amd64.exe" installer. Presumably the 64 bit version.

After uninstall, I have made sure that there is nothing LightZone-related left in either Documents or in the C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\LightZone folder. The registry contains only an empty field in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\. (It is still empty after re-install). The log file in Documents\LightZone\LightZone.log contains
"JavaAppLauncher checkWindowsVersion()
= Windows 8"
And there is a "jre\bin\server\jvm.dll" in the "C:\Program\LightZone\" (the dll file is 8.727.976 bytes). No "jre\bin\client\" directory, though.

It's still run once directly after install only. I starting to think that Jacal is right and it has something to do with my setup, since nobody else seems to be running into this problem.

I dont have jre\bin\client as well



When i downloaded LightZone for Windows, the download couldnt be verified. LightZone runs well though. I do not have the jre\bin\ client directory. I have now downloaded LightZone and installed once more. And this time the download was verified. But still no jre\bin\ client directory.


I will later to look at my Linux installation of LightZone to see if it is differen there.


Have a nice day and lets solve this problem together.


Lars H

I think there is no "missing

I think there is no "missing directory" problem here: " ... check if one of "jre\bin\server\jvm.dll" and "jre\bin\client\jvm.dll" is correctly installed under your "C:\Program\LightZone\ ..." It looks OS dependent, I have the "client" directory on my (virtual) XP system and "server" on win7 and 8.


And I'm not so sure that there is something wrong with Hieronymus Bosch's setup. I actually can reproduce the "Could not load JVM library" issue on windows 8.1, but I only have a virtual evaluation version of this OS (and no experience with it). Virtual machines are not ideal for troubleshooting, they simply introduce too many additional potential problems.


Have a nice day!




JVM error in LZ 4.1.1

I installed LZ4.1.1. The error "Could not load JVM library" flashes on the second run .

This was seen in 4.1.0 also. OS is Win 7. Something is still eluding ! I'm sure it

will get fixed soon.

Best Regards.

JVM error in LZ 4.1.1

I installed LZ 4.1.1.


Error "Could not load JVM library" flashes after starting.

OS Win 7 64-bit. Could you please fix it?

Thanks a lot.

Same problem here Win 7 64bit

Same problem here Win 7 64bit ligtzone start at the end of install process and then the "could not load jvm

i was experiencing the same problem with windows on each beta version of lightzone and even with 4.1.0

I had to setup a linux partition to have lightzone working 


sorry for my english

Hieronymus Bosch
So I had a serious batch of

So I had a serious batch of photos to process. I tried the 32 bit version of LZ 4.1.1 and that would not even start once - just silent fail. I reinstalled LZ 4.0.0 and... it runs without any problems. I have no idea why it works when 4.1.+ doesn't, but hey, it works and it certainly is just as good as it was before.

Let that be a data point, if more are needed - 4.0.0 runs fine on the same windows 8 64-bit box where the 4.1.+ versions either fail silently or else can't find the JVM libraries.


Error "Could not load JVM library" flashes on the second run

Experiencing same problem in Win 7 64bit,

Lightzone starts normally after install process and then "could not load jvm" error appears on second start!

i was experiencing the same problem with lightzone 4.1.0

same here

I have the exact same issue like you discribed. But on my win8 pc it works perfectly fine.

nevertheless I would like to run it on both systems. any help?

Windows Installer?


Could someone tell me were the WIndows installer is on GetHub for Lightzone 4.1.1.

I have looked in the Windows folder without scuess?

Thank you!

Found it!
Invalid Image file message

I just loaded 4.1.1 and had the same problem reported in "Beta 5 64-bit - Invalid Image File" on 11/22/13. I could not open any raw files in either pef or dng formats. I changed the memory limit to under 1021 as suggested in that old bug thread and it worked, so the same or similar problem seems to still be there. I'm on Win7-64 and have installations of 4.00, 4.1.0-rc1, and 4.1.1. The first two were working ok. I have not changed the memory limit back up to see if that works yet - I'll check to see that other functions are clean first.

Same JVM Problem

I guess I posted about this in the wrong area.

Last week installed 4.1.1 64 bit on WIN 7 64 bit laptop and same JVM Libary error and never opened. I uninstalled it and installed 4.1.0 32 bit version and seems to work fine so far  


Things are being solved

Hi again


Thank You for your help (telling what works and what does not, is a big help). I saw your answer, but was on holiday so i did not answer then.


I can tell you that most of the recent problems is being worked out by Masahiro (LightZones main developer), and a new version is in preparation (4.1.2). It might solve the Windows Java problem, but also "lib.gomp" on Linux Debian based distros among other things.


Lets hope then the work on new features (better noise reduction is in preparation) and other improvements, will be the main thing, and lets have som version5 alphas. I suggest this so everyone knows it is an development version. Betas means that the program is almost ready for release.


Have a nice day