LightZone is now UNDEAD

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LightZone is now UNDEAD

The LightZombie Project is now up and running. We have a blog, forums, a mailing list (of sorts), and a Twitter feed. We have download links for the final LightZone 3.9 install packages from Light Crafts and a link to help you recover your license key if you lost it. We have updated dcraw files for Windows, Mac, and Linux to allow handling of Raw files from camera models that came out after 3.9, and we have some Raw Tone Curves for some of those camera models. We're taking requests for Raw Tone Curves, too.

We've got someone to run the forums and such, and we've got techies for Windows and Linux. We could really use a Mac techie, and we could also use someone to sort EXIF/metadata glitches in Raw files.

Welcome, LightZone users. Our goal is to keep LZ working for you.

Hello from all of us, some thoughts and some thanks

Welcome aboard, and of course please register and be an active participant, even if it's only to drop by and give us a "hello" post. An active forum is a healthy one. What you see now is our version 1.0, and I certainly hope we will be able to improve the site over time. We are using Drupal to configure and run it, and none of us are really up to speed on Drupal yet, but we will be. We chose it over WordPress for some functionality (and other) reasons that I hope will make things easier to expand if we need to. We have plans for galleries and tutorial pages and maybe a blog. But rather than wait until we had full functionality for all our dreams, Doug and I felt like this was good enough to go public to cement our community, and so we decided to delay no further. You will note that there is a "website comments" area in the forums, so please do use it! I have been very gratified to get messages from most of you about this project, with more people coming out of the woodwork daily. So I say again: please participate as much as you can.

And now for some special thanks due from all of us to particular individuals. First and foremost, we all owe a significant debt of gratitude to Doug Pardee, without whose work this last several weeks this project would probably not have happened, who has done the initial set up of both this website and begun the development project over at Github, and whose work on new raw profiles promises to do more than just keep LZ alive on life-support. Just incredible, Doug! Then to Blaze Miskulin of Geek Niche, who immediately offered free hosting for the project and has also helped behind the scenes getting us rolling, including setting up an optional test site in WordPress. Thanks to Marcelo Anelli, whom you may remember from the old forums as the Linux forums moderator, who has now jumped in to help out with Linux here. Thanks also to Jens Benthien who posted our messages about the project on his own website and onto several others that he frequents. Finally, thanks to all of you who participated in the LZ forums before, in beta testing prior versions of LZ, and who have helped get the word out about this great software, and especially: Grant Perkins for his work as a forums moderator for the previous LZ forums; Brian Mosely for his work as an LZ evangelist; Uwe Steinmueller for the same; Reto Hadorn for his incisive comments and analysis on the old forums; and Sebastien Abric for his really fine French website(s), one devoted solely to LZ (, the real predecessor to this site. And of course, here's a shout out to our old friend Jacek Gozdz!

Joao Calado
Just in time

Wonderful news, and just in time. I as seriously considering moving to LightRoom, so that I would prevent eventual future incompatibilities with OS updates. Thanks for you effort.


What a surprise! The mail I've received today from Tex made my day, week, month, year...

Almost too good to be true Now there is hope that LZ will be continued and develop further. Finally!

Doug & Tex, what you have done with the project site is incredible - even my login worked.

A big THANK YOU and thumbs and heads up!


LightZone has been my favorite photo tuning software for years! I have all the other pro photo editing software, including the latest Photoshop and Lightroom, but none of them are so intuitive as LightZone. Keep up the good work! Thank you all involved with the project!!

Good news!

I have tried some other programs and Bible was buyed by Corel: every 100 photo is a hangup in windows 7, 200 for linux...

That's what I hoped for ...

... great news indeed.
This software gem deserves it to survive.
Thanks to all helpers!


Hello, I am looking forward

Hello, I am looking forward to using this software on my Arch Linux system.

Many thanks,


great news

This is really a great news!!!
Very happy.

Best wishes

Congratulations on your recent project evolution and developments! I purchased LightZone for Windows in the early days, although never used it too often as I found many operations to be 'sluggish'. I look forward to trying again on my newer hardware, and hope that this community will be able to make further improvements and support newer cameras - the core product has always been very clever and (at the time, at least) unique.

I'm no programmer, and an irregular amateur photo editor, but I will try to assist with feedback whenever I can. I wish I could provide some solid support!

sean b
Best Wishes

Keep up the good work..... hope you sort out the
compile problem with the much awaited Windows version ;-)

Glad to see u AGAIN

As a user of LZ from the very beginning, I was disappointed after LZ went into coma.
LZ was the best tool to tune B&W tonality: very intuitive, accurate.

Thank you guys for your devotion and efforts!


Bought LZ a long time ago and was sad when it stopped.

Will try the new 4.0 as soon as possible on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.


Glad I stumbled upon this haven. I purchased LZ before it was even completed and released after I saw a demo a few years ago at Imaging EXPO here on Austin. I had to about 4 months to get the release but boy was it worth the wait.

I was blown away and sold....then Lightcrafters floated belly up.

Thanks to ALL involved for resurection of this product.

Glad you're here.  I'd like

Glad you're here.  I'd like you to do us a favor:  as someone who got in on the ground floor, we'd love to collect your recollections from that time, about 2005/6.  Eventually we'll have a bit of a fleshed-out history of LZ, and these early memories willbe important.  You'll get credit fro whatever you write up.

Hello All

First time user and excited to use LightZone as my primary photo editor - can't wait to try it out. 

Best - 

Hello All

I have never used light zone before, I have an older version of photoshop, and also some editing software from Canon. It took me about 10 minutes to register and download the program. I have looked at it a little bit and am excited about the ease of use of the program. Keep up the good work.

Hello all

Am new to all of this, but am eager to learn, hope it's a great success.

Hello All

Cant wait to try it out...

Hello !!!

Hi everbody i am new here and wish to say 'Hello' to u all .

Hello sun90 !


download links

please help me find the download link to the free lightzone




I'm waiting for approval to download the software.

Then, being a software user, I could participate in the forums.

Hello All

Good evening everyone!

Glad to see LightZone is back in the land of the living. Long may it remain so!



Great to see LZ alive again!

Great to see LZ alive again!

One of the best tools for photo editing imo.

Long time user, I've never really been able to switch to something else when LZ died. Nice to see it being developed again!

Keep going!


Great, long live lightzone.

Great, long live lightzone.


Kindergarden to Doctorate tutorial

As a newbie to LZ, is there a kindergarden to doctorate tutorial?

Well, that's quite a leap! 

Well, that's quite a leap!  Although I've met my share of doctorate holders who behaved like kindergartners....

I would check out Thierry Martin's videos---he keeps things straightforward but also shows some other tricks.  The ones I've done that are official LightZone Project videos are much more individual tool/tab/aspect oriented because I felt there was more of a need for me to do that.  They are more intermediate to advanced in nature, except for the intro to browser and editor ones.  This month I hope to add some videos to cover what I haven't done yet, and also to do soup to nuts image editing for particular images. Some of the other original videos from Lightcrafts are mainly basic.

Looking Forward...

I first found out that this program went into the Freezone about 3 months back from a Photography group that I am assoicated with & it received many well received praises. As my husband & I are still trying to getting back on our feet after almost 6 years of fighting on & off employment, I am looking forward to learning my recent download. Hoping to find some Newbie Tutorial's as to how to use and utilized & maximize the program.

Thank you so much for making it available!


Tutorials are here
eager to try out a new 'toy'

just popping in to say hello, waiting for my download link to go 'life' I am so happy I found this!!!

Hello LZ back again!

I used LZ for many years - all the versions from 2.0 on till 3.9 (9746).

Now, four days ago, reading a German-Photo-Journal, I was happening upon the revival of LightZone!!!

How glad am I!

I'm very happy, that LightZone will go on further again.

For me it is the best program, in many ways better than LR and CO1, which I am also using.

Good luck and thank you very much for all your work an passion on LZ, Nikolaus ;-)

Nikon D5300 RAW (.NEF) support

Do you plan to add Nikon D5300 RAW (.NEF) support?

The current Lightzone revision supports D5200 but not yet the new D5300.

Would be great if the D5300 RAW codec will find its way into this great software, too.

Yes.  Hope to have a bunch of

Yes.  Hope to have a bunch of new raw profiles by the end of the month (March 2014).

choose package

[I made it to work] but as I posted on another request, I can't access the network group or the NAS.



I'm running Mint 16 Petra Cinnamon which stable version should I use?

Well I did go with the Ubuntu version and then I got this message:

rubend2 # apt-get install lightzone
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree      
Reading state information... Done
The following NEW packages will be installed:
0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 9 not upgraded.
E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)
E: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/

How do I solve this problem?


My free trial ran out. Love LZ how do I purchase. I have slow 3 g internet, would be better if I could buy disc.

You don't have to buy

You don't have to buy anything, LZ is free.  You may have downloaded the wrong thing.  Look on the LEFT hand side of the page for the download links.

I'm sorry, but there is no disk option---and there never has been, even when LZ was a commercial product.

If you can't download it because your 3G is too slow, then maybe you can send me a thumbdrive, and I could mail that back to you.  Try the download first, though.

Great photo app

I've been using Linux for years and am glad to see this app resurface after it's demise.  It makes a nice addition to the available apps that   Linux users have available today at their disposal to use. Keep up the good work and may it continue to develop and prosper.  Thanks once again for keeping this app alive. 



Great product! May it forever

Great product! May it forever update!!!



Use to own this app. After crash (due to Windows XP SP1 and Bootcamp) the app was no where to be found.

Loved it. Can't wait to get started again.



A very good photo editing program.

I came across this program whilst looking on the internet for a program to use for editing photo's. Had downloaded various trial programs.

But not one has been as good as this.

I am now getting to grips with it and really like it.

The help menus are great.

Keep up the good work, and please keep udating it.


HI there

Thanks for the good work. I am a complete newbie at raw and a linux mint and mac user have yet to try the program
I am thinking of moving to Olympus which cameras are covered atm it looks like just the OMD em5. Is the OMDem1 covered? Thanks sorry if this question is irrelevant.
I will check out the tutorials above.

OMD Em1 seems to be supported

OMD Em1 seems to be supported ince 4.1 version


You can check there for other camera support question :