LightZone Mamiya *.MEF file support

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LightZone Mamiya *.MEF file support


I Really enjoy simplicyty of use of a LightZone.

Unfortunatelly, the program doesn't support Mamiya Mef files. Basically I cannot see files while browsing the program.

As far as I know DCRAW Support Mamiya MEF files the same as RawTherapee Does.

Why Mamiya MEF files are not working in Lightzone? Can I somehow install it into the program? Thanks, Karl 

What is the name of your camera?

It may be that DCRaw supports your camera....but is there a test shot on Imaging Resource?  I don't see any Mamiya cameras listed there, and we need that test shot to create a profile.

Camera name is Mamiya ZD

I can try to make a test shot, but program doesn't see any MEF file.

Camera name is Mamiya ZD

Did you try to use "open with

Did you try to use "open with..." function directly from your files explorer ?

Mamiya .MEF format is

Mamiya .MEF format is currently not supported in LZ. You can convert the .MEF into .DNG and open it in LZ, though.


It's not very hard to implement basic support and open it in Editor, but reading metadata will requires a lot of work. Also, DCRaw doesn't output correct thumbnail, so we will have to implement a function to extract a preview image by ourselves.