Lightzone on Mac not 64 bit

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Lightzone on Mac not 64 bit

I just noticed that Lightzone on my mac is not 64 bit. Is this right? Is it still 32bit then?  Will Lightzone be developed for 64bit in the near future?

LZv4.1 is in beta, and I

LZv4.1 is in beta, and I believe it is/will be 64 bit.  But based on the other difficulties you've been having, perhaps you should wait on trying the beta.  It's still quite buggy, I think.  For advanced Mac users only, at this point.

Thanx Tex....sure I will wait

Thanx Tex....sure I will wait...I'm in no hurry anyway...quite happy with LZ4.0 thanks again. You guys are doing a sterling job.

Thanx Tex

doiuble- posted in error

LZ v4.1 for Mac is still 32

LZ v4.1 for Mac is still 32 bit. I think that it is possible to compile 64 bit package with a little modification, but I can't try it by myself because I only have 32 bit Snow Leopard. I'd appriciate it if someone would try it on newer and/or 64 bit version of Mac OS X.


Masahiro from Dev team

Hallo Masahiro,

Hallo Masahiro,


I´m using Mac OS Lion 64-Bit but I do not have any developer tools on my computer as well as I do have only very litte skills as developer.I could try to test an already compiled 64-Bit-Mac version, if that helps.