Lightzone installing on Raspberry pi 2 debian possible?

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Lightzone installing on Raspberry pi 2 debian possible?

I am a bluddy beginner with linux due to my new Raspberry pi 2. Is it possible to install Lightzone on the Pi 2 (noobs/ debian)?  Did someone tried it?

Thank you for answers and help,


I don't think that it works,

I don't think that it works, because LZ has not been ported to ARM yet. It currently builds only on x86/x64 supporting SSE2.

I guess it is not so hard to port LZ to ARM and create a .deb package. I can help you if you really want to try it.


Lightzone auf Raspberry pi 2


Thank you Masahiro and I think in the name of of manny others too. Because "Gimp" works fine on Pi2 and "Gimp" together with "ligtzone" are a dream-team .


Rainer, you should give us a report...

on your work with LZ and Gimp together, once you get your install sorted out.

Lihtzone & Gimp on Raspberry pi 2

I use Ligtzone first on my laptop with Linux Mint 17.1 and if  necessary Gimp second.

A amazing expierience that gimp works perfekt on Pi 2  with 23 Zoll Monitor. So I miss lightzone only now in this combination.