LightZone with Fuji raw file

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LightZone with Fuji raw file

I just wanted to share how LightZone process the fujifilm x-systems raw files.

Based on that quick result,

Based on that quick result, does not look too bad....?  Are you seeing any problems?  Be sure to try this without the styles.

I also use Lightzone for my

I also use Lightzone for my Fuji XPro1 and XE1 RAW files.

I am very happy with the results  I am getting and batch processing is pretty fast as well.


Good evening,

Good evening,


I just tried to open a .RAF file created with my Fuji X20 and got the following error dialog:

Unknown error opening this file

class java.lang.NullPointerException


The Mac console report the following

10:27:16 PM LightZone: CGContextGetCTM: invalid contect 0x0

10:27:16 PM LightZone: CGContextSetBaseCTM: invalid contect 0x0

10:27:18 ReportCrash:

Saved crash report for dcraw[811] version ??? (???) to ...

Process: dcraw [811]
Path: /Applications/
Identifier: dcraw
Version: ??? (???)
Code Type: X86 (Native)
Parent Process: LightZone-forkd [754]


Date/Time: 2013-08-12 22:27:18.725 +0200
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.7.5 (11G63)
Report Version: 9

Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:


Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000020c04000

VM Regions Near 0x20c04000:
MALLOC_LARGE (reserved 0000000002f8e000-000000000ad8e000 [126.0M] rw-/rwx SM=NUL reserved VM address space (unallocated)
__TEXT 000000008fe71000-000000008fea4000 [ 204K] r-x/rwx SM=COW /usr/lib/dyld


Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0 dcraw 0x0002975d crop_masked_pixels + 1533

Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit):
eax: 0x0fe02000 ebx: 0x0002916f ecx: 0x00000000 edx: 0x01000000
edi: 0x00000000 esi: 0x000a0c18 ebp: 0x00000000 esp: 0xbffffa60
ss: 0x00000023 efl: 0x00010206 eip: 0x0002975d cs: 0x0000001b
ds: 0x00000023 es: 0x00000023 fs: 0x00000000 gs: 0x0000000f
cr2: 0x20c04000
Logical CPU: 3


Binary Images:
0x1000 - 0x51fe7 +dcraw (??? - ???) <5C10C33B-3E1F-D23B-CD23-18A0933F0E94> /Applications/
0x8fe71000 - 0x8fea3aa7 dyld (195.6 - ???) <3A866A34-4CDD-35A4-B26E-F145B05F3644> /usr/lib/dyld
0x90614000 - 0x90615ff4 libremovefile.dylib (21.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <6DE3FDC7-0BE0-3791-B6F5-C15422A8AFB8> /usr/lib/system/libremovefile.dylib
0x90b1d000 - 0x90b1eff7 libsystem_sandbox.dylib (??? - ???) <036370E2-9D3E-38B8-B3A5-9056C57E780E> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_sandbox.dylib
0x92da6000 - 0x92da7fff libsystem_blocks.dylib (53.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <B04592B1-0924-3422-82FF-976B339DF567> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_blocks.dylib
0x92db4000 - 0x92db8ff3 libsystem_network.dylib (??? - ???) <62EBADDA-FC72-3275-AAB3-5EDD949FEFAF> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_network.dylib
0x9345b000 - 0x93471ffe libxpc.dylib (77.19.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <0585AA94-F4FD-32C1-B586-22E7184B781A> /usr/lib/system/libxpc.dylib
0x935f2000 - 0x93635ffd libcommonCrypto.dylib (55010.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <4BA1F5F1-F0A2-3FEB-BB62-F514DCBB3725> /usr/lib/system/libcommonCrypto.dylib
0x93741000 - 0x9376ffe7 libSystem.B.dylib (159.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <30189C33-6ADD-3142-83F3-6114B1FC152E> /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
0x947b5000 - 0x947b6ff7 libquarantine.dylib (36.7.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <46980EC2-149D-3CF7-B29A-401FB89C275D> /usr/lib/system/libquarantine.dylib
0x94d18000 - 0x94d1dff7 libmacho.dylib (800.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <56A34E97-518E-307E-8218-C5D43A33EE34> /usr/lib/system/libmacho.dylib
0x94fb2000 - 0x9507dfff libsystem_c.dylib (763.13.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <52421B00-79C8-3727-94DE-62F6820B9C31> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_c.dylib
0x950a1000 - 0x950a9ff3 liblaunch.dylib (392.39.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <9E6135FF-C2B1-3BC9-A160-B32D71BFA77C> /usr/lib/system/liblaunch.dylib
0x9672f000 - 0x9672fffe libkeymgr.dylib (23.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <7F0E8EE2-9E8F-366F-9988-E2F119DB9A82> /usr/lib/system/libkeymgr.dylib
0x969d8000 - 0x969daff7 libdyld.dylib (195.5.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <637660EA-8D12-3B79-B644-041FEADC9C33> /usr/lib/system/libdyld.dylib
0x977f4000 - 0x977f7ff7 libcompiler_rt.dylib (6.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <7F6C14CC-0169-3F1B-B89C-372F67F1F3B5> /usr/lib/system/libcompiler_rt.dylib
0x97c28000 - 0x97c29ff0 libunc.dylib (24.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <BCD277D0-4271-3E96-A4A2-85669DBEE2E2> /usr/lib/system/libunc.dylib
0x97ea1000 - 0x97ebfff7 libsystem_kernel.dylib (1699.32.7 - compatibility 1.0.0) <79179F83-457A-3539-A76B-E960D2108109> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_kernel.dylib
0x97f91000 - 0x97f9ffff libdispatch.dylib (187.10.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <1B857064-288D-3919-B81A-38E9F4D19B54> /usr/lib/system/libdispatch.dylib
0x97fce000 - 0x97fd2ffa libcache.dylib (47.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <98A82BC5-0DD9-3212-9CAE-35A77278EEB6> /usr/lib/system/libcache.dylib
0x99be0000 - 0x99c0fff7 libsystem_info.dylib (??? - ???) <37640811-445B-3BB7-9934-A7C99848250D> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_info.dylib
0x99c24000 - 0x99c24fff libdnsinfo.dylib (395.11.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <7EFAD88C-AFBC-3D48-BE14-60B8EACC68D7> /usr/lib/system/libdnsinfo.dylib
0x99c25000 - 0x99c2cff7 libsystem_notify.dylib (80.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <47DB9E1B-A7D1-3818-A747-382B2C5D9E1B> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_notify.dylib
0x99c3c000 - 0x99c3fff7 libmathCommon.A.dylib (2026.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <69357047-7BE0-3360-A36D-000F55E39336> /usr/lib/system/libmathCommon.A.dylib
0x99e63000 - 0x99e6bff5 libcopyfile.dylib (85.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <A1BFC320-616A-30AA-A41E-29D7904FC4C7> /usr/lib/system/libcopyfile.dylib
0x9aee8000 - 0x9aef0ff3 libunwind.dylib (30.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <E8DA8CEC-12D6-3C8D-B2E2-5D567C8F3CB5> /usr/lib/system/libunwind.dylib
0x9b77f000 - 0x9b786ff9 libsystem_dnssd.dylib (??? - ???) <EBEAF723-84F8-3544-8FB2-31B7771B50D0> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_dnssd.dylib

External Modification Summary:
Calls made by other processes targeting this process:
task_for_pid: 0
thread_create: 0
thread_set_state: 0
Calls made by this process:
task_for_pid: 0
thread_create: 0
thread_set_state: 0
Calls made by all processes on this machine:
task_for_pid: 1439
thread_create: 0
thread_set_state: 0


VM Region Summary:
ReadOnly portion of Libraries: Total=45.7M resident=25.8M(56%) swapped_out_or_unallocated=19.9M(44%)
Writable regions: Total=176.2M written=31.7M(18%) resident=31.8M(18%) swapped_out=0K(0%) unallocated=144.4M(82%)

=========== =======
MALLOC guard page 32K
MALLOC_LARGE (reserved) 126.0M reserved VM address space (unallocated)
Stack 64.0M
__DATA 660K
__TEXT 2600K
mapped file 214.4M
shared memory 12K
shared pmap 9.8M
=========== =======
TOTAL 502.4M
TOTAL, minus reserved VM space 376.4M


Best regards



And here is the java stack trace:


  at javax.swing.JComponent._paintImmediately(

  at javax.swing.JComponent.paintImmediately(

  at  javax.swing.RepaintManager$

  at  javax.swing.RepaintManager$

  at Method)


  at javax.swing.RepaintManager.paintDirtyRegions(

  at javax.swing.RepaintManager.paintDirtyRegions(

  at javax.swing.RepaintManager.prePaintDirtyRegions(

  at javax.swing.RepaintManager.access1000(

  at javax.swing.RepaintManager$

  at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(

  at java.awt.EventQueue.access$400(

  at java.awt.EventQueue$

  at java.awt.EventQueue$

  at Method)


  at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(

  at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(

  at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilters(

  at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(

  at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(

  at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(



Best regards





Hi again,

Hi again,


I just tried to open the same .RAF with LZ4.0 on Ubuntu 13.04and the application stays stuck with "Loading..." message but does not report any error.


Best regards


Good evening,

Good evening,


With the Beta 4.1 and the new release of dcraw, LightZone manages to open the RAF from the S20, a bit slow in comparison with the CR2 from EOD 7D, but that's not an issue.


Best regards


david tittermary
what beta 4.1 ??  

what beta 4.1 ??


We're running beta trials in

We're running beta trials in all 3 OS's for v4.1.  Reports so far are that it's a bit buggy.  With all the excitement of this past week I'm not sure where we are in dealing with those, although I know one of our key developers has been stopping in to look at the bug reports.

any update on error with RAF from Fujifilm X20

any update on error with RAF from Fujifilm X20?