LightZone 4.1

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LightZone 4.1

Looks as if LightZone 4.1 was released 4 days ago. Why no announcement.

Blame the Announcements Guy.

Blame the Announcements Guy.

LZ with Canon 760D

Just updated to the Canon EOS 760D, needed a new program to replace Picasa as it did not support the new 760D, found LZ and gave it a try, unfortunatly LZ has failed me to. 

This might not be the best

This might not be the best place for your question, but 760D is a new camera. It first has to be supported by dcraw, then a specific sample is needed for some volunteer to make a profile for this camera.


Have a nice day!




Sorry for the inconvivience.

Sorry for the inconvivience. I made the packages on last Monday and uploaded them on Tuesday. Tex planned to upload the announcement on this website on the Tuesday night too, but unfortunately he has had some network problem since that day. I think he will release the announcement as soon as the network is fixed.

I'd like to post a breif anouncement on this thread at this time:


You can download packages for Windows and Mac here:


For Linux, click an icon and read the instruction for your distribution in

If you have already registered stable or beta repository for previous versions, you can automatically upgrade it via a package manager on your distribution.


Change log (same as "New Features" page in Help contents):


Just in case, I also uploaded torrent files on LegitTorrents:
Win 32bit:
Win 64bit:

Thank you for waiting long time since the last stable release.



Thank you!

Thank you, Masahiro, for your brilliant work. You have absolutely no reason to apologize, on the contrary, you did the work, I would love to send you a bottle of fine old wine or something like this. Have a very nice day!




For the MAC folks

I noticed the new release...i"m using OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite...will LightZone 4.1 work with it?




And a BIG THANKYOU to everybody involved. The first "real" opensource version (the previous version "just" updated the number of supported cameras)


Have a nice party

A big Thank to all the team !

A big Thank to the whole team !

I hope a long life for LZ ! 


Thank you for your great work!

Thank you

Thank you for the new release. Lightzone fulfills a very important need for photographers using Linux who need to edit RAW and 16-bit tiff images.

Sorry for the delay!

Just finished a pretty intense period of work (both me and my wife).  Masahiro contacted me  (so it's not his fault!), just as I grabbed some time to make the announcement and change the links, had weird internet problems.  All sorted now, and the announcement is up.

Well done to the whole LZ

Well done to the whole LZ team.

This has been great fun doing the beta testing.

Now to LZ v5.0  :-)



Could not load JVM error 64bit WIN 7

I am new to LZ. It looks like a very good software. Installed "LightZone-Installer-4.1.0-amd64.exe" under WIN7.

First time after install, the software runs when the "run lightzone" box is checked after install is complete.

However, after closing and restarting, the error "could not load JVM Library" pops up and LZ does not load.

I have a core2 duo Intel system with 3.25GB RAM.

I tried the 32bit install file "LightZone-Installer-4.1.0-x86.exe". It is working but everytime I start, a window opens and says "Lightzone failed to start last time....." It asks whether to reset settings. By clicking Reset or Dont Reset button, the software continues and loads up.

Thanks in advance for requested support !

Could not load JVM error 64bit WIN 7


This might have a simple explanation. Is your WIN/ 32 bit ? If so, it cannot run 64bit runtime. If you are running 64bit, it might be that you only have the 32 bit version of java installed. 64bit runtime will only run against 64 bit Windows.


But I am sure you will enjoy your time with LightZone 


Have a nice day

Could not load JVM error 64bit WIN 7

Hello larshenrikoern,

I have win7 64bit and  latest Java 8u45 64bit RE. SInce LZ works initially once, it is clear that all the required files are available. Exit and restart is disturbing some paths/files or something like that. I browsed the net and came across similar issues faced by others in different programs. I tried moving around jvm.dll files packaged with LZ as well as that of java 8u45 but there is no improvement. Also uninstalled java 8u45 and tried, no difference. So have to wait till someone comes up with more ideas !

Hieronymus Bosch
I have the same problem as

I have the same problem as tsunni. Installing Lightzone 4.1 (64 bit) will run it once, after fresh install, when I run it by the "run now" checkbox in the installer. But never again. Each time I run it subsequently by trying to launch if from the icon or dragging an image to the icon, I get the "Could not load JVM Library" pop up. Win 8, tried several uninstalls and fresh installs to several different disks.

LightZone 4.1

Currently running it on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (main OS) and Windows 7 and 8.1. Thank you for such a great program.

Not much of a help,

since I only have windows 8.1 on a virtual machine, but there I also get the "Could not load JVM Library" message, LZ only launches after installation, if i choose "run now", and never more.

PclinuxOS ?

Does anyone know of a 4.1 x86_64.rpm download that will install on Pclinux and or a way of doing it?

The latest rpm's I have tried tell me I have a "virtual package with no good providers" which probably says more about my own lack of knowledge than anything.


I have a beta version running well for the work I do so it is not critical. The last version I was able to install and am still successfully running was/is 4.1.0.beta7-35.1.x86_64. The later beta's had issues with java as I recall.


Many thanks for any insights.

Which version of PCLinuxOS

Which version of PCLinuxOS are you using, and which rpm packages have you tried (Fedora, OpenSUSE, ...) ?

Archlinux update


 I obtain this error updating lightzone:

warning: lightzone: local (4.1.0.rc2-0) is newer than home_ktgw0316_LightZone_Arch_Extra (4.1.0-0)

can be fixed?


Marcelo Anelli

Oops, I should omit the point

Oops, I should omit the point before the "rc" for Arch Linux...

Please force downgrade to 4.1.0-0, or wait until I release 4.1.1 package.

At work, LZ run with no error

At work, LZ run with no error message on Windows 7 64 bits. 

When I can, I'll check which Java version I have.

Java and LightZone



I am currentnly on linux. But you may have more (and older) versions of Java installed at the same time. To solve this try to look here

I dont know if this might help in this case but I had similar problems with other programs a couple of yers ago, and this was the solution.


Have a nice day

Hieronymus Bosch
I run several JVMs, and I

I run several JVMs, and I need them all for various programs that have nothing to do with LZ. It would be helpful if there was a way to specify to the LZ executable which JVM to look at. In fact, there must be, since it can run right after install. Whatever parameter that allows that would be nice to have specified in the LZ shortcut to the executable too.

When updating the Linux

When updating the Linux version of Lightzone, due to numbering of the beta-versions the installer complains and asks if a downgrade shall be made. If this is commited installation performs flawlessly.

The new version is a real good performer, and so I'll return to Lightzone as my main RAW-converter (stuck with RAW-Therapee for a while).

One might believe, that Lightzone doesn't get the attention it deserves - and there is no doubt that this is true - but I find mentionings of the software in German photographic magazines several times a year f.ex.. Keep on with the good work - it will payoff sincerely.

If I can assist in any way - contribute / spread the word / donate - drop me a note. 

Best regards



LZ for Windows comes with java included,

so it also works on systems with no JVM installed. There are older threads abut this scattered on this forum, if I remember correctly.

Hieronymus Bosch
Interesting. Is there any way

Interesting. Is there any way to force it to use its own JVM and libraries instead of others present on the system? Since it supplies them, they really should be hard coded.

And we know for sure it can run them, since it does so once after install.

JVM error win 7

Though I am not a software developer, I guess the issue is due to various java related stuff that is present in the system which would have been added by different softwares for its own use. LZ is not able to load the right one after a re-start. Interestingly, my issue is seen in win7 ultimate loaded in a scsi drive 1tb and when tested in another 80gb ide drive loaded with win7 pro, LZ works though it asks for resetting to default settings everytime it starts. In the 80gb drive, only 32bit java was present though the win 7 pro was 64 bit. Then I uninstalled the 32bit java and loaded the 8u45 latest 64bit java. LZ works withoud the error. I now removed java completely from the 80gb drive. LZ worked ! All this points out that LZ needs some sort of modification to java related selections on startup and the best is probably to hard code it to select what is supplied with installation package of LZ.

LZ 4.1 toolbar on right not opening fully

Hi guys, First let me congratulate Mashahiro on a great job. So glad that there is now real progress made.

I just downloaded the new version 4.1 for Mac. I am running it on Mavericks. There is something odd happening though and to show you I took 2 screenshots of Lightzone on my monitor.

In screenshot 1 you will notice that the toolbar on the right is intact. As soon as I open another tool though a small part of the toolbar on the right is cut off. (screenshot 2 ) Have a look at the 2 screenshots to see exactly what I mean. What is causing this? Is anybody else having the same thing happen? Is there a fix?

Thanks and kind regards


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2

what happens if you drag the tool bar open more?

I think in another thread there is a mention of this as a GitHub report, but can you drag the tool stack area open more, and does that help with the cut-off?

The GitHub report is actually

The GitHub report is actually closed, but on my Lightzone (Windows and Linux), the right panel is still too narrow...


Hopefully, dragging the panel border extend it and solve the matter

Dragging the panel to extend

Dragging the panel to extend it does not help at remains to narrow

hu ?? How can you extend

hu ?? How can you extend right panel but get it to narrow anyway ? May be Screenshot help to understand...


I notice a difference between your two first screenshot, in the last one, a scroll bar appears.... 

Yes as soon as you open more

Yes as soon as you open more then one tool the scrollbar appears and that is what seems to cause the panel to get narrow. It also cuts of the pink color ball of the color selector.

Yes, but have you tried to

Yes, but have you tried to drag the left border of the right panel to increase its width ?  It works for me, except it's a little annoying to have to do this each time I open a picture.

I just tried what you

I just tried what you suggested and you are right...that does you said...a little bit annoying but not too much :)

Thanks for pointing that out.



You're welcome.

You're welcome.


I hope too it will be fix in a next release.

I fixed this and some other

I fixed this and some other bugs, so I'll release v4.1.1 in this weekend or next week.



Super !! Thanks !

Super !! Thanks !

Thank you for the new release

Thank you for the new release, great work!

working on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon 64bit