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last update

You should be aware that on the home page, we can read update:March 2014. and Revised, March 5 2014

So the developpement seems to be stopped since this date.

I was ready to forgot LightZone, thinking it was dead....

Fortunatly, i visited a little more, and so decided to try LightZone.
Maybe you should put somewhere on the home page the last date of modification of LightZone sources, or some recent new...

Thank you for this software, i find it very easy to use, documentation very easy to use, and tools very efficients.


If you look at the code,

the development is going on. (Where exactly is the March 2014 information?)

I know that some Github pages are a little behind or unsynced, if you can do it, help is appreciated.

Have a nice day!


Yes i've seen on github the

Yes i've seen on github the development is going on, thats why i did not give up !
There are 4 dates on home page : 

3 are March 2014 and one is June 2013.
What can I do ?

Old update info

It's in the blue box below:

Download Block Appears Below This Block for Registered Members!

Updated, March 5 2014: Once ...

Many colourful eggs to all



PS. Re-reading the text the dates might reflect the update of the page. But this is not obvious for a nonnative speaker.

An entry: Last program update on .... would be appreciated.