Install LightZone on Gentoo

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Install LightZone on Gentoo

Just a short Howto for Gentoers:


1) Install Lightzone in a local overlay. First you need app-portage/layman: USE=git emerge app-portage/layman

2) Here is a howto for the local overlay:

3) In the local overlay use the portage groups: mkdir media-gfx/lightzone

4) Get the LightZone.ebuild from an put it in the local overlay.

5) Move into the new directory media-gfx/lightroom and do: repoman manifest

5a) (added 2017-03-29) Do pushd "local Overlay"/media-gfx/lightzone (found in

6) Do popd

7) Now you are ready to emerge media-gfx/lightzone. In my case I had to keyword lightzone....


Have a got time using lightzone.


Excellent , uhai!

Thank you for your great contribution.  Community support and involvement at its best.

Thanks for lightzone ebuild and instructions

Thanks so much for this.  I really appreciate it.


Works like a charm.

3) In the local overlay use

3) In the local overlay use the portage groups: mkdir media-gfx/lightroom

should be media-gfx/lightzone