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Hello, very new to editing RAW files, never done it before, but now that I have purchased a DSLR I want to get the most out of photos. When i open file to edit, edit screen shows the picture cut up by sections. It splits image into 8 horizontal lines and each section is moved up, making the picture look like a puzzle. I am operating on windows 10, 64-bit. If anyone has any idea how I may be able to correct, please help.

thank you


Welcome to the forum!

For a start, we need your camera information, to check, whether the raw format is actually supported, some new ones are currently not.

Shooting with canon 80D,

Shooting with canon 80D, image quality is MRAW 14M 45000x3000

Confirmed, mRAW not supported

LightZone can open sRAW files, though.

I also have a 80D, but had to make my first shots in these formats, to test this.

RawTherapee also can't edit mRAW. "mRaw files from Canon EOS 80D not supported - pending on dcraw update".*

Darktable (dev. ver. 2.3 for Windows) can open both formats properly. (This editor is not using dcraw.)

Since these formats are already demosaiced, some advanced tools will not work (like raw denoise in darktable) or be available (in RawTherapee, when editing sRAW. As said, mRAW is broken in RT, like it is in LightZone).

Converting mRAW with Adobe DNG converter gives unusually big files (more than 50 % bigger), that can be edited in LZ, with some cropping of dark edges. I don't see this as a good workaround.

My advice is, switch to ordinary raw format, get the best quality that the camera offers, it has a fine sensor, and all the processing options, that raw editors can provide.

While when shooting in mRAW format, you will have to use Canon's clumsy DPP or some commercial editor, for now.

By the way, you might want to try my custom raw tone curve for this camera, it should provide smoother transitions in highlights and better colours.

Here is an old thread about this, full of dead links, and here the curve (kurva):

Have a nice day!