I wonder if a profile is in the works for an Olympus E-m10?

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I wonder if a profile is in the works for an Olympus E-m10?

... or if anyone has any particular hacks to set up the program to give accurate color with that particular camera?

As I said in my answer in

As I said in my answer in other topic, there's already a profile, but your matter could come from something else. I'll try some other raw pictures from Dpreview or imaging ressource to see if there's the underexposure matter too or not, it could be a good starting point.

I just check Dpreview raw

I just check Dpreview raw sample and it seems the actual RTC give an underexposed picture, at less, compared to the embed jpeg.


Adding a hue/saturation tool with luminosity set to 100 and blend mode set to midtone give a far close result. May be the RTC is not exactly perfect, i'll try to make a new one using the Dpreview raw sample.

I just try and get this style

I just try and get this style :


<Template version="8">
  <Scale Factor="0.1625"/>
  <Image path=""/>
    <ZoneOperation Active="true" Collapsed="true" Locked="true" Mode="Normal" Name="RAW Tone Curve" Opacity="100" layerControlsIndex="0" regionsInverted="false" scale="0">
      <ColorSelection HueBlue="0.5" HueEnabled="true" HueGreen="0.5" HueRadius="-1.0" HueRed="0.5" Inverted="false" LuminosityEnabled="true" LuminosityLower="0.0" LuminosityLowerFeather="0.0" LuminosityUpper="1.0" LuminosityUpperFeather="0.0"/>
      <Points Size="16">
        <Point X="5" Y="0.4690265486725664"/>
        <Point X="7" Y="0.6283185840707964"/>
        <Point X="8" Y="0.672566371681416"/>
        <Point X="9" Y="0.7787610619469026"/>
        <Point X="10" Y="0.8185840707964602"/>
        <Point X="11" Y="0.8451327433628318"/>
        <Point X="12" Y="0.9646017699115044"/>
        <Point X="13" Y="0.995575221238938"/>
      <UpperLeft X="0.0" Y="0.0"/>
      <UpperRight X="4640.0" Y="0.0"/>
      <LowerLeft X="0.0" Y="3472.0"/>
      <LowerRight X="4640.0" Y="3472.0"/>


Name the file "CameraDefault;OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. E-M10.lzt" in the lightzone templates directory (on windows it's in the lightzone/templates directory of "my documents" place) if you want LZ use it by default or another name if you want to use it manually.


edit : Note the blacks seems to be a bit too bright now...