How to make new Raw tone curve templates

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How to make new Raw tone curve templates

I have a Canon EOS 7D, and would like to make / have the right Raw Tone Curves

How can I make those?

It's already in LightZone

LightZone 3.9 already contains a curve for the 7D. There's no need to add one.

Thanks, tried again and it

Thanks, tried again and it worked, but yesterday it looked very weird when I tried. How can I see what is supported already?

Doug has listed them.... he has done them, but any old ones from before----I'm not sure if we still have a list of those. hmmmmmm....probably more work for someone to compile, NOT YOU, DOUG!!!!

PS: my trip has had its ups and downs, but I can officially state that Nevada may be the most spook-adelic/whack-adelic state in the union. It's wild out here.

The list of standard profiles

Some time back, bink went to the effort of posting the complete list of cameras with Raw curves built into LZ. You can find that list here:

The list of cameras not supported by LZ 3.9 but now supported by dcraw can be found at our tech wiki. I would note that not every camera supported by dcraw will be supported by LightZone, because LZ can't deal with oddball sensors like Foveon. I've tried to leave those cameras off that list.

Of course, the cameras that we've already created new Raw Tone Curves for can be found by clicking the appropriate links in the left-hand column of this page.

Canon 7D Raw Tone Curve compared to that of the 60D.

I am a user of a Canon 7D. My present tone curve file is Camera Default;CANON 20EOS 207D.lzt, size 574 bytes, modified 25 November 2011 22:39.

Out of curiosity I took a look at the recent tone curve file for the Canon 60D to see what differences there are with the 7D file. My curiosity was driven by a feeling that there had been some faint magenta colour hue appearing in some photos but which seems now to have gone.

The 60D tone curve file size is larger at 1,148 bytes. It contains an expanded definition of the curve which includes not just parameters that differ but also parameters that are not included in the 7D curve file.

The Template version differs, as also the Scale Factor. Image path is identical in both. The first line of parameters under Controls also remain identical, but then comes the divergence.

The 60D has a second line of parameters under Controls introducing ColorSelection relating to HueBlue, HueEnabled, HueGreen, HueRadius, HueRed, Inverted, LuminosityEnabled, LuminosityLower, LuminosityLowerFeather, LuminosityUpper and LuminosityUpperFeather. None of these feature in the 7D curve file.

The next section deals with Points Size, identical in both, and then with Point X and Y values which differ between the two curves.

The X values of the 7D run from 4 to 15 in 6 steps, those of the 60D run from 5 to 15 in 8 steps. The 7D Y values in 6 steps are different to those of the 60D in 8 steps. Such differences presumably relate to differing camera specifics in terms of their sensors and programming.

It would be interesting to have an explanation of the differences, why they arise and particularly the lack of ColorSelection parameters in the 7D curve.

I have a feeling that Doug may have to respond to this. I trust you might find a moment to outline why the differences and their significance for those of us that are not technical in this area.

Version 8 and Version 6 Raw Tone Curves

Hi Kris,

The 60D Raw Tone Curve was the first one that I created. I created it totally from scratch in LightZone 3.9. In contrast, most of the others are modifications of existing Raw Tone Curves.

The version number is exactly that. Most Raw Tone Curves are version 6, and thus compatible with older versions of LightZone. LightZone 3.9 templates are version 8, and since that's what I used to create the 60D template, that's what it has.

As far as I can tell, "Scale Factor" has no effect in saved templates. It might have an effect in templates that have been applied to a specific photo and stored in an LZN-JPEG, which is what the "Image Path" is for: it gets filled in with the path to the original image file.

The ColorSelection controls that you noted are simply the settings for the "Color Selection" tab that appears at the bottom of every tool including Raw Tone Curve. Those are (should be?) the default settings.

There shouldn't be any difference in effect. Except that the 60D Raw Tone Curve probably won't work on LightZone 2.

Version 8 & Version 6 Raw Tone Curves

Hi Doug

My thanks for your reply to my query. I understand now that the ColorSelection controls are defaults and therefore should have no effect on the tone curve.

Whatever it was that gave some of my images a touch of magenta has decidedly gone so I rest easy for now. I may at some point try and follow your instructions to make a curve myself and see what results.

Speaking of dcraw...

Does anyone have a built 9.17 version of dcraw for the Mac ready to go? I noticed the most current one uploaded is 9.16. Thanks.