How does LightZone open RAW files

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How does LightZone open RAW files

Being relatively new to LightZone and having recently discovered that it does not correct RAW files for Barrel/Pincushion distortion, I thought I had found a workaround but it does not work and I can't see why.


I have an image taken with my Canon S95 at wide angle and it shows Barrel distortion. I opened the image in Canon's Digital Photo Professional, corrected the distorion and saved the CR2 file. If I reopen the file in DPP, sure enough it is corrected. If I view the file with FastStone Image Viewer it is shown corrected but if I open it in LightZone, it is still uncorrected.


Can someone explain why please?


The RAW (CR2, etc) files are

The RAW (CR2, etc) files are never changed in LZ.


I think the same is true for DPP although I have not used it for a long time. However RAW files tend to have embedded jpg thumbnails as created in camera and so these are created with existing presets/lens correction from the camera. They are not totally untouched raw data files. I think this is what FastStone uses for its image viewer. If it corrects directly from the file I would be surprised as Lens correction does not seem to be mentioned anywhere on the product - or at least the version that I have does not mention it nor does the latest information on the web page.


LZ does not use the "in camera " adjustments and starts from the RAW file (as do most RAW converters although these days some make use of lens correction information embedded in the file if there is any).








I am indebted to you for your

I am indebted to you for your explanation yet again Grant.


Many thanks.

can't get the raw file showing up

hello just started with lightzone, looks great but when I open a raw file in lightzone, it will show as a jpeg (above is says csc00044.jpg in stead of .raw)

maybe somewone can tell me were I go wrong.