Highlights are excluded when luminosity selection is set for highlights and set back to maximum

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Highlights are excluded when luminosity selection is set for highlights and set back to maximum

On my system, ubuntu 15.04 64bits

When I touch the right sliders of the luminosity selection (with no feathering) and I put it back to the right, Lightzone seems to not be able to set it back to the max value (1.0).


Depending of the width of the right panel, if I save the tool as a style I get these values for the luminosity selection (checking with a text editor) :


LuminosityLower="0.0" LuminosityLowerFeather="0.0" LuminosityUpper="0.994" (or 0.997 when right panel is the widest I can set it)


The lowerlights sliders seems to work without issue dragging them right and dragging them back to the left set luminosity selection to 0 and 0 feather (if you just touch the lower sliders, you can see the mask in mask viewer appear/disappear when doing that, which is not the case with the luminosity upper sliders).

Same on Windows

I can confirm for Win7/64.




I open an issue on github :

I open an issue on github :



By the way, this issue make

By the way, this issue make me think it could be interresting to have de possibility to set the "opacity" of the effect outside of the luminosity range.


I explain me.


Actually, when you set a luminosity range, inside the range, the effect is 100% applied and outside not at all applied. It could be nice to tell Lightzone to apply (for example) 20% of the effect outside of the luminosity range. 


Better if it could be set independantly for lower outside range, upper outside range. Adding this possibility to hue range (when defined) could be nice, but may be a little more brainstorming to avoid crossed effect... 


Another that could be nice, would be the ability to fine tune color and luminosity range by entering numerical value to define the range. To not overcharge UI, I think it could be accessed by double clicking on range or sliders.

I notice the new version 4.1

I notice the new version 4.1.2 fix this issue and, after some test, can confirm it does !

Thanks Masahiro & the team