Helicon version of Dcraw

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Helicon version of Dcraw

Has anybody tried to use the helicon version of dcraw with lightzone. I have just attempted to do so as the file that was linked to from this site was throwing up positives on a virus total scan - I think it was about 5 out of the 45 scanners, they are probably false positives, but as the helicon version was throwing up none I thought I would give it a try.

I'm attempting to edit some D90 nef files, with the 3.9 trial version of LightZone, I believe that his should have been able to handle the files without any update, but LightZone was giving an error messages claiming they were an unrecognised file type, hence my attempt to update dcraw. After the update Lightzone appeared to be slightly happier, but then complained about an invalid file name.

The Helicon version of the file may be of interest to users of Lightzone if it can, or should be able to work, as it claims to be able to use all available cores (I believe the standard version only uses one - or so Helicon claim).


Hi there

Haven't tried it but you probably need to realise that the version of dcraw, as used in Lightzone, is modified from Dave Coffin's vanilla version. Doug has a page here setting out the differences: https://github.com/Doug-Pardee/LightZombie/wiki/ProjectDcraw

In short, as far as I know, you cannot just take any old binary blob of dcraw, insert it into Lightzone and expect it to work. It needs to be compiled in a particular way so that Lightzone is happy with it. This would suggest that taking the Helicon modified dcraw should also not work, as indeed you have found out.

I've had a look at the Helicon site and their modifications to dcraw, allowing multi-threading, look interesting. It does raise a genuine question though. As dcraw is released under the GPLv2, doesn't that mean that Helicon's derived version can only be released under the same terms? That is, shouldn't the source code for their version be available for others to use and modify, including the Lightzone project? The code may well be available but I couldn't find any reference to it on their site. Just a thought.


DC Raw / Helicon

Has anybody contacted Helicon regarding Adrian's point - and if so what was their response?

DC Raw / Helicon

Any luck with Helicon regarding the source code for multi-threading DC Raw - assuming that Adrian's point is correct and they should really be making it available.

Helicon - Multicore Version Of DC Raw

Did anybody ever manage to get in touch with Helicon. Hopefully Adrian was correct and Helicon should supply the source code.

I should imagine that a multi-threading version of DC Raw would give a nice speed boost and would be very popular with LightZones rapidly expanding number of users.

Hopefully they can / will supply the code and it can easily be converted for use with LightZone.