Happy to be Here

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Happy to be Here

I haven't visited these help/forum pages for over a year.  A lot of the pages are several years old and I was afraid that LightZone was no longer supported.  After poking around a bit, I finally got to some current posts and found what I needed <RAW tone curves for Nikon 7100>  I have loaded the latest 4.1.4 version on my Windows 7  and it seems to be working fine.  LightZone has been my favorite editing program for several years <in JPEG> and look forward to using it for RAW.

Many thanks to to all who have contributed their time and skills to this project.

George in Idaho

Welcome back, George

Wish I was in Idaho right now for some real winter and skiing.  I have family in Jackson, Wyoming.

We actually get a new post almost every day, so be sure to check back at least once a week, and this spring I hope to get user galleries going on the site, so we'd like to see everyone's edits.  Please share anything else about your use of LZ for the membership.

@tex"hope to get user


"hope to get user galleries going on the site"

I was about to ask for this.

If not in your plan already, please make sort of mandatory to upload both the original (pre LZ PPing) and the LZ PPed version of all shots. Also, the web display should have an easy way to look at both the original and the LZ version.

IMHO it should be a showcase ot what can be done with LZ and without the original files it will not be clear at all what LZ was used for.

OK, good suggestion

I will strongly consider this.  It's been in my thinking as well.  One reason we haven't had galleries to date was that the modules for galleries in Drupal to me seemed really poor.  I'm hoping that's improved over the last year.

Actually, there's two groups

Actually, there's two groups in Flickr related to Lightzone

do you have their addresses?

I'm not a Flikr member, but I'm getting ready to start a better links page.

Flickr lightzone groups





But on Flickr no one (including me) is posting both unprocessed and processed photos

Thank you!

I'll be creating links soon to these and some other sites---but especially these.  Some good shots on there, and some that I think show off LZ to good effect.

Just joined.  A product I was

Just joined.  A product I was using recently stopped reading a certain file format.  Thank you all for creating this and having your community!