FujiFilm X-E1

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FujiFilm X-E1

First off, let me say that there is a lot about LightZone and tone curves specifically that I don't understand, so maybe I'll write silly things here. When using LightZone for my FujiFilm X100 RAWs, I get excellent results with the tone curve that is loaded, but with my FujiFilm X-E1 on the other hand, the default image produced this way is of no use to me... I always, as a first step, remove the tone curve and fiddle with the Raw Adjustments (upping the exposure a stop or so) and the Zone Mapper to get the desired starting point image.

I would like to know how to disable the tone curve for the X-E1 so I don't have to manually remove it every time. Is that even possible? I did look at writing my own X-E1 tone curve, but the learning curve is daunting for someone like me with limited time. Until a good X-E1 tone curve is kindly made available by someone, I would just like to get rid of the current one. Of course, someone must have made an honest effort to create the current tone curve, and I mean no disrespect when I say that it doesn't suit my needs.

What do you see when you first open the file?

Whilst I appreciate that you may not see the provided RAW Tone Curve as quite sutable for your needs I am just wondering what you ARE seeing when you first open your RAW files.


Is it just the RAAW adjustments and then the Tone Curve or do you get a Zone Mapper as well? (In your description you mention "the" Zone Mapper and I am not sure if that is one that you have opened or one that appeared with the other two when you opened the file.)


The Tone Curve is basically a Zone Mapper run in RGB mode and you can unlock it and edit it. In RGB mode it adjusts colour information. If you save it you can set the saved version as the default for the camera, thius making something closer to your liking as a starting point  - pretty much what you seem to be doing with a new Zone Mapper from your description. That might well leave you with both concerns resolved well enough for now to continue working without needing to delete the provided embedded Tone Curve each time since the Camera Default version, when one exists,  overrides the embedded version and will be loaded in its place.


I'm not sure if this suggestion will help you as I am not sure what you are seeing but I thought it was worth mentioning since as far as I know, other than saving a CAMERA DEFAULT template, i.e. a substitute file, there is no way to auto disable the Tone Curve tool where one pre-exists for the camera.






Thank you, Grant, for the speedy and helpful reply. I tried to attach a screenshot of  what an image looks like when opened with the default tone curve for the X-E1, but this doesn't seem to work. You can see it here: http://picpaste.com/deafultcurvexe1.png (for seven days, then it will be deleted automatically). It's a high ISO image, but that shouldn't matter, I think. I'd be interested to hear what you think. 

Let me add that I tried to create my own curve following Doug Pardee's excellent YouTube tutorial, and I managed to get the values right where they should be for the test picture squares, but this gave me even less satisfactory results with real images. 

That does indeed look rather

That does indeed look rather unpleasantly posterized!


It is possible that this an effect of using a colour checker!  ;)  (Reducing millions of ppossible ocolours to just thos in the numbed of squares used.)


High ISO would most likely head in that direction compared to low ISO but not as much as you see there.


Getting the balance right can be very tricky. Some other programs offer multiple curves for some cameras (mo0stly pro type equipment that might have very different critical requirements for Studio/Fashion/Copying Art/Landscape and so on on. But it is more normal to attempt to produce one acceptable but generic profile and encourage people to work on their own needs from there if required. Which is what you have done.


Obviously there is more to learn about the X-E1 processor and the files it produces.


Good to know you have been able to make some progress. Hopefully there will be more to come as the curves availabel improve.








Sorry this tone curve isn't

Sorry this tone curve isn't working.  But you are more than halfway to creating your own!  What you have been doing is creating your own.

You can right click on the raw tone curve's orange top bar and unlock it, then discard it.  I'll have to check on deleting it altogether from the program---that I've never done.  I'm sure it is possible.  We can work with you on this....or you can take a screen shot of what you've done and send it to us or post it here and we can try to do something.

Right now i have a full plate and Doug hasn't logged on for more than a week, so he is off somewhere.  I might be able to get to it later this week or into next.

Thanks, Tex! I found a very

Thanks, Tex! I found a very simple solution for now: I saved a default Zone Mapper as a CameraDefault style, not closed and locked but open and unlocked, and this one now overrides the one that loaded automatically before. This means I can start making adjustments (for individual images) right away. 

Great!  The nice thing about

Great!  The nice thing about LZ and this project is that, being open source and all, we encourage people to hack it a bit and now do DIY.  LZ has a lot of flexibility.

Just to add a little more ...

Just to add a little more ....


This matter of Tone Mappers is not something I have foound myself needing to spend much time with over the years - I always seem to have boring mainstream cameras! - but experimenting a little yesterday using the 4.1 beta 5 release I discovered that by applying a custom "Camera Default" style the normal default Tone Curve was replaced. From memory (maybe not a great recollection I will admit) I thought that earlier versions simply added the Custom Tone Curve and left the user to  unlock and de-activate the default in order to assess the differences.


Replacing the default seems to be a better option for your current needs pending a new Tone Curve release for the camera but I have to say that in other situations the option for adding a different Curve and switching between the two (in the absence of a multi-image side-by-side display option) can be useful so I have some reservations about the auto-replacement in all circumstances. There may be a different way to approach the 'use both' need.