Fuji X30 Raw not working?

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Fuji X30 Raw not working?


I am very new here and just downloaded lightzone this week and started playing around a bit, and I really like the programme.


Unfortunately, so far I only can use it on the jpeg output of my Fuji X30. The raw files are shown in the browsemode, but when I want to edit the file than, I get an errormessage saying that it is an invalid imagefile. For example, when I click on one of the Raw *.raf files:

"Ungültige Bilddatei: C:\Users\cube\AppData\Local\Temp\LZRAWTMP2131908264927267945.ppm"

(I use the German version, but I guess the message should be clear)

Is this a known issue?


It should work

You didn't provide a sample, but I have no problems with one from Imaging Resource. Are you sure you are using the current LightZone version, 4.1.5? Your Windows version?



Hi Jacal,

Hi Jacal,

thank you for your reply and for testing the format for me.

Hmm, a very strange thing happened. I shot a test photo to upload on Dropbox. So I copied it in my local Dropbox folder. To confirm that it does not open, I tested it, but strangely the.raf opened in LightZone this time. So I thought it is a issue that only happens with some fotos. So I copied one of the fotos that definitely  did not open before, to my local DropBox folder. Tested again, and... it did open in LightZone. So I tried to open the same file in the original folder, and again it did not open.

Very strange. I hope this description is of some guidance for you. I still could post a link to the raw files, but since they seem also to open, depending on the folder, I don´t think this would help further.


Yes, I am using LightZone version 4.1.5. My windows is Windows 10 with the newest updates.



Sorry, Buhu,

this could be a Windows-related problem, perhaps Windows 10 users could be of more help here (I am using Win 7). I also remember some weird issues with other software, when Win 10 was installed on top of previous versions, etc.

Did you try with other raw formats, like nef and cr2? I suppose this is not camera-specific, but that is all pure guessing.

I hope a solution will come, have a nice day!

thank you.

thank you.


I did not try other raw formats, can you tell me where to dl samples to test it?


since i never installed a previous version of the programme nor windows, this should not be the reason for the issue


if other win10 users can post here, this would be great .


have also a greatday

Can you open a file you

Can you open a file you copied to your Dropbox local folder and then copy back to the original folder with a new name ?