Franzis Photo Works Projects 3 free through 14 July

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Franzis Photo Works Projects 3 free through 14 July

Franzis is back with another freebie of an older product. This time it's Photo Works Projects 3, which is a general-purpose photo editor. It's probably too general-purpose for our LightZone crowd, but maybe you have some friends who just want to "make their pictures pop more" or perhaps dress up their pictures with a filter-type look.

As with just about all of the Franzis software, there's a bunch of presets to choose from. After you've picked a preset, you can play with the controls, but that's presented at a level of techie detail that I think is far beyond what the normal users of this program will want to deal with. There's also Franzis's "automatic optimizer" which sometimes is helpful and sometimes is heavy-handed, but at least its controls are somewhat easier to figure out.

Franzis seems to have a nice engine for processing images, but their user interfaces tend to be quite the challenge.