Franzis HDR Projects 2, free through Tuesday 22 Sept

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Franzis HDR Projects 2, free through Tuesday 22 Sept

SharewareOnSale has Franzis HDR Projects 2 available for free for the next three days.

If you already have HDR Projects Platin, you'll find HDR Projects 2 to be a small improvement. The differences I see are:

  1. able to transfer work in progress to and from other Franzis programs
  2. in Edit Weightings mode, brush size is continuously variable instead of 5 fixed sizes
  3. in Post-Processing mode, there are 52 filters instead of 46.

The differences in the post-processing filters:

  1. Definition levels is renamed Sharpening levels
  2. Median noise suppression is replaced by Hotpixel noise suppression and min/max noise suppression filters
  3. five new filters:
  • Balance local contrast
  • Soft contrast
  • Adjust colours
  • Balance local color contrast
  • Solarise

If you haven't dealt with Franzis software before, it's fairly powerful but difficult to get installed and the user interface has some really rough edges. My biggest complaint with the user interface is white balance: no eyedropper is available, nor even a preview -- you pick the white balance before you open the picture (color temperature only, no magenta/green tint control), and if you don't like what you got, you close the picture and start over with a different setting. You have to really want to use Franzis software to put up with the aggravation.

Thank you,

your comments on Sharewareonsale helped me finish the activation. Again, not for sissies.


Have a nice day,





Hi Doug,

Thank you very much for your kind explanation.

I agree, that our Registration-Process is very difficult and may scare new costumers, specially if they dont know us.

Therefore ive requested new builds from our dev-team, who will reduce the fomer registration process to a normal way.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, please send me a PM

Greetings from munich, germany,


Hi Vincent,

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for dropping by.

I think there are two things that are particularly confusing. First, that two accounts are needed: one at Franzis in order to install, and one at Pixxsel in order to register/activate. Second, after you've registered at Pixxsel, they bring you back to start the registration over instead of saying "thank you for registering, you can now activate your software."

Of course, for us Americans who tend to be ignorant of other languages, the amount of German on some of the web pages can be intimidating.

Hi Doug,

Hi Doug,

our Software-Developer is creating a new and lean registration-prozess, who will aks ony once ( and this will happen via our main website franzis) to confirm the provided data.

"the amount of german", hm, this is more difficult. I guess you are talking about the frames (header, footer). Ill ask our IT to remove /replace it if origin=giveaway and browser-language= not-german.

As you can see, we do our best.

Franzis HDR Projects 3 Professional $40 through 31 October

If you're looking for a deal on a later version of HDR Projects, it'd be hard to beat the $39.99 (USD) offer for HDR Projects 3 Professional (Windows) (Mac) -- the last day is 31 October.

HDR Projects 4 Professional is coming out, so although this is the latest-and-greatest HDR package from Franzis right now, it won't be for long. Version 4 adds a bunch of new goodies, including selective editing (layer masking) for post-processing effects, interactive ghost removal (rather than the non-interactive automatic ghost removal in version 3), multiple modes for the Optimization assistant, a new tone mapping type "Colour Fidelity", a new category of presets "Shine", performance improvements, and more.

On the other hand, HDR Projects 4 Professional will cost a bunch more -- it's currently available to the German-speaking market for €198, which would be around $220 US. Franzis seems to sell at reduced US prices, though, so maybe only $179 US when it become available. Upgrade price from version 3 is currently €119, or somewhere around $135 US, although it's not clear what that price is for upgrading from. And again, the US upgrade price might be less.

An English-language manual for HDR Projects 4 Professional can be found here (PDF). Most of it is applicable to version 3, which doesn't seem to have a proper English-language manual. Section 3 describes the new features in version 4.