Franzis Analog Projects and Daminion Basics

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Franzis Analog Projects and Daminion Basics

This time Franzis is offering Analog Projects 2 (or V1.11.02151, what it shows, when installed) on SharewareOnSale. Unlike in the past, registration is fast and simple, especially if you already have an account at Franzis. "Discover your favourite preset amid the 53 inspiring ‘retro’ looks, that you can freely adjust and style." 2 days and 17 hours "or until sold out". Customisable presets like wet plate, polarisation, roll film, camera obscura etc. are available. For Windows and Mac.


Daminion photo management program, version Basic, will be only available for the next 17 hours, I am a kind of late with this one. The free version is restricted to 15.000 images/"assets" per catalogue, this one allows 25.000 images. And the Standard version (75.000 images per catalogue) can be purchased for 15 dollars, instead of 50 (four more days).


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Franzis Analog Project 3#

On the German language website of Franzis project software you can download Analog project 3# for free.

No end date for downloading mentioned.

After registration to the newsletter you get a serial for the program.

Installation and registration is a lot simpler then with downloading it via sharewareonsale.

The installer is in german, but during installation you can choose for German, English or  French for the program.

On the English based website of Franzis Project there you can download HDR Project Platin for free.

Below the link to Analog Project 3#


Kind regards, Henk 

ANALOG Projects 3

I had a problem with the ANALOG Projects 3 freebie page linked above. It kept saying I needed to enter my email, even though I had. It turned out the problem was that I'd put both first and last names in the Vorname box. Once I put just my first name in there, it was happier. I now have my registration key.

Thanks, Jacal and Henk.

ANALOG Projects 3 - comments

OMG, they put in a genuine Raw module. No more of that silly "pick a color temperature before opening the file" stuff. That was my biggest complaint with the Franzis software.

At first glance, ANALOG Projects doesn't look as useful overall as many of their other packages. The 103 presets (collections of filter choices and settings) that it provides don't have much subtlety. And personally, I'm biased toward CameraBag 2 for that kind of thing. Many of the presets seem unnecessarily complicated -- for some reason, Franzis often chose to include a number of common filters that are set to do nothing. In some cases filters are included that are unchecked (disabled). Roll Film 9, for example, has ten filters but only half of them are used -- three are unchecked and two are set to neutral.

But if you create an "as-is" preset (with no filters) and mark it as a Favorite, you might find ANALOG projects to have a number of interesting features for everyday use, especially in the "finalise" tab. There are 35 color film emulations (5 Agfa, 15 Fuji,  and 15 Kodak) and 36 B&W film emulations (3 Adox, 3 Agfa, 3 Efke, 3 Fomopan, 3 Fuji, 9 Ilford, 6 Kodak, and 6 Rollei). There are automatic tonal optimizations, and Franzis's Smart Colourspace Adaptation which they say "determines a unique, intelligent colour space for each calculated step, which offers you an improved precision of the primary colours and significantly finer colour gradation." There's other stuff, too, including a feature called "X Color" that I can't quite puzzle out -- something to do with blending the original image back in -- nor can I puzzle out why they used the American spelling of "color" for that.

You don't need to use the rather heavy-handed presets to get some special effects. The "expert" tab lets you access the 59 filters directly, and you can adjust them however you want. The filters in ANALOG Projects 3 include some primitive layer masks.

But you still don't get to crop until you save. They did add the ability to crop to a few common aspect ratios, although the choices in portrait mode are, for some reason, limited to 1:2 and 2:3 -- no 3:4. There's no 4:5 aspect ratio in either portrait or landscape. And there's no pixel-dimension readout when cropping freeform, so you can't just do it by hand.

There's still no Undo. Since it's non-destructive, you can reset things by hand, but you need to remember how they were set before. A number of the controls do have a "reset to default" capability, which can help.

I've run into a bug a few times where the presets got out of sync. In particular, in the Roll Film section, the Directional Blurring filter wasn't being properly controlled. I could reset the filter by hand, but then the preview was busted. I ended up having to restart the program to get that working right again.